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"Oh George, Wake Up!"

Washington, DC July 20th, 2006 ---- The Conflict in the Middle East screams out for America to intervene, if only to tell the children to sit quietly in the sandbox while teacher finds out who is right or who is wrong.

Israel has far exceeded the limits of reasonable retaliation, and the bombing and shelling of Lebanon will create a festering sore that will wreak havoc on Israel for years to come.

Hezbollah has managed to sneak tens of thousands of rockets, and their launchers into Lebanon, again another Intelligence Failure on the part of the Bush Administration. They can hardly claim to be the injured party, brutally attacked by Israel, for to collect such an arsenal is obviously premeditated, with lots of external help.

If Israel had to pay for all those bombs, planes, guns and shells it would use them more sparingly. But it get's them for nothing (one way or another) from Uncle Sam. So they will be soon replaced. Same with Hezbollah, they didn't find their rockets under Olive Bushes.

In other words we have a Proxy War that will lead to the end of a peaceful Israel and Lebanon. The hard line NeoConservatives will point to a great Israeli victory, for they have warehouses of bombs, shells and weapons of Mass Destruction supplied by their rich Uncle Sam. Hezbollah will stop being a controllable political force and be a reborn again grass roots terrorist organization, blowing up ships, airliners, hotels and marketplaces around the Middle East and probably the world. The hardline Hezbollah leaders always seemed a little discomfortable working in their offices, and having their own telephone extension listed in the directory. They will go back to the shadows and the military NeoCons will again have a very active adversary to fight.

The idea that this military mistake is being seen as a great victory for US led reason around the Arab world is pure planted propaganda from the PsyOps people in the Pentagon. More Lincoln Group news manipulation. The average Arab leader wants to have peace, so they can reap their billions of Oil revenue, and dream of a world without Iran, Israel, or America. Ask them for a quote, and they will look at the line of tankers waiting to take expensive oil to America and tell you what you want to hear.

Today the world is stunned at the battle. They see rockets raining down on Israel, and some parts of the bombing of Beirut. The Israelis will keep on and on until they destroy Lebanon, and Israel too. Fanatical religious extremists against fanatical religious extremists.

But then what? Israel can be attacked by a band of roaming terrorists. The mirage of invincible strength has been smashed forever. Israel is a small country with aspirations, encouraged by the American Jews, way more than they can possible maintain. This isn't a Spielberg movie, it's real life. The big players are using Israel and Lebanon as disposable pawns in their own power game.

If Israel had used that money to develop a strong friendly government in Beirut instead of building up a Bully's Arsenal the two countries would not be on the slippery slide to disaster. It's not about kidnapping soldiers, it's about America or Iran holding the ability to kill and destroy.

If the idea was to force the Lebanese Government to stop Hezbollah then the plan was crazy at least, and has failed miserably at best. The Lebanese Government has been bombed out of existence. The only thing left is a fragmented terrorist organization that will spread and wreak havoc.

And George, who we jokingly call The Leader of the Free World just so the title continues through his years in office on to the next President. Well he is showing how absolutely out of touch with the world he is, and how God and the fanatical religious right pull his strings. Pinocchio is vetoing Stem Cell Research.

Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Lebanon. Hope those handful of stem cells were worth it. The religious fanatics, Islamic, Jew and Christian are all moving closer to being next to their God. And the poor people of Israel and Lebanon are huddled in bomb shelters, hoping their houses and families are still there. Maybe George will wake up from his alcohol induced slumbers and lead!


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