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Bush Supporter? No I'm a Republican

Washington, DC. June 6th, 2006 ---- You can tell when the Winds of Washington change in response to the will of the people and for a short time ignore the lucrative special interests, and that is usually in an election cycle when defeat stares them in the face.

Today it is difficult to find anyone in Congress who believed Bush when he and "Dr Evil" Cheney lied to the American people and disrupted the equilibrium of the whole world. No they voted for Bush out of a "Sense of Patriotism". Actually the problem with Iraq is that Saddam Hussein complied with the demands of Bush 1 and destroyed all his weapons of mass destruction and did not tell the US Intelligence community. He should have sent them the verified receipts for the destruction of the weapons and manufacturing plants and not kept them to himself. It was someone else's' fault as usual.

Of course the Intelligence Community is to blame and General Hayden is at the CIA to make sure nobody, but nobody writes, or speaks anything that will indicate otherwise. Nothing but the Bush Party Line will come out of Langley, or from anyone who retired and seeks permission to publish the truth. Any reference to the Rumsfeld/Perle/Wolfowitz secret Office of Special Plans rewriting the intelligence analysis will be met with the full force of the law and the journalists will find the Department of Justice to be anything other than just in handing out punishment and imprisonment.

The whole ball of corruption is coming unraveled and the White House puppet masters are becoming more and more desperate. This should not be happening, and certainly not before 2008. Fortunately they can count on a Democratic leadership that is, and has been asleep, or at best in a dulled stupor. The only thing they have to fear is the American people, the voters. For flipping the US Congress, the supposed Guardian of the Nation's Purse Strings would put an end to the Evangelical Crusading of the Bush Administration.

But the American public can be counted upon to rally behind any irrelevant publicity campaign designed to distract them from the important issues. Gay Marriage is made for television and distracting the voters. The 50/50 split of opinion for and against is perfect. The question is 'Will the public be fooled again", chances are the answer is Yes.

It will be seen if the depth of understanding by the compliant voters of the enormous problems the Bush Administration has foisted onto America is anything but superficial. They may be irritated that Bush is unable, or incapable of admitting a mistake, but many hard line Republicans would sooner see the United States in debt for ever to Communist China, than admit they were hoodwinked by a group of greedy Oilmen.

In the meantime the average Republican is realizing that something isn't right. The more Bush threatens everyone in the world, and acts like an Imperial Emperor. Caesar Bush may believe he is Emperor, and God may tell him so in one of his alcoholic hazes, but he still has to answer to the voters, unless of course he can stage a Coup. Unlike many of the conspiracy theorists I believe there are enough armed Democrats to prevent a Republican Coup, and enough armed Republicans to prevent an armed Democratic Coup. I said this years ago when the Rabid Right Wingers believed Clinton was planning a take over. More Disinformation from the Rabid Evangelistic Right.

There is indications that the realization process has finally begun. More and more key people are talking about Republican issues that go against the Bush Administration. Many Congressmen are realizing that they hitched their wagons to a Crazy Horse. We won't discuss Cheney's activities, that needs a Grand Jury.

If the Democrats take control of Congress then there is potential to apply the brakes before it is too late, if it isn't too late already. The potential of a balanced Congress, or maintaining a Republican controlled Congress with this unstable Administration should fill everyone with fear and trepidation. By all means vote the Republicans back to power after the party has been purged of the extremists and religious fanatics. Then the "Old" Republican values can shine again, and lead the world, instead of destroying it!

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