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Impeach Bush!

Washington, DC. Mar. 13th, 2006 ---- President Bush deserves to be given the opportunity to explain under oath his reasons for lying, cheating and betraying the principles of the United States. He needs to be given that opportunity before a Court of his Peers, and I don't mean a slot on Comedy Central.

He has already admitted to being guilty of a whole string of impeachable offences, and with his "Bring it On" manner it is the duty of every voter to give him his wish, to prove to God that he is the anointed one, above the law and untouchable by mere mortals.

There are those who point to the absolute corruption in invading and occupying Iraq, and the un-American activities initiated by the White House, including the widespread use of torture. Let President Bush explain to the Senate why Gonzales believes it's OK to torture others, but not alright for others to torture Americans. Maybe I missed those scriptures but he has a better understanding of God's thinking than I do.

The latest polls show that there still exists a sizeable mentally impaired segment of the population who can't see the blatant excesses of the Imperial Ruler. The Dubai Ports deal should have made everyone realize that it's all about the family fortunes, and that does not mean the Sopranos. The purpose of all working Americans is to swell the huge coffers of the investment club run by the Bush Crime Family. Of course Vice President Cheney has his own investment strategy, and they believe that the United States economy alone is big enough to be raped. The EU is too bureaucratic to be able to be ripped off, their voters too educated and politically savvy to swallow the BS . They also have this problem that experienced, trained and accountable Generals run their wars, not amateur totally inexperienced politicians who have never faced an enemy with a gun, except of course Dick Cheney after a few Beers.

The United States offers Bush/Cheney the unique opportunity to do just what they want, and because the founding fathers made the error of calling the President, the Commander in Chief, can circumvent all checks and balances to make REAL money if they can rely on a Yellow Bellied, compliant Congress to roll over and neglect their Constitutional duties to protect the people from another King George.

But there is a way we can give the President his day in the limelight, and that is remove this ineffective, rubber stamping Congress and bring in new blood, with a left leaning Democratic majority. They too can all be kicked out in two years time if they lean too far to the left.

There is of course a flaw with my suggestion. If Bush is replaced too early in the next 2 years then Vice President Cheney will ascend to the Throne and Haliburton will be running everything, from schools to NASA. Of course we could do the right thing and hand over Cheney and Rumsfeld to the International Court in the Hague, and clear the name of the United States around the world. But that won't happen, so the timing of Impeachment must be regulated, as it was by the Republican Congress over President Clinton. He of course being so arrogant didn't realize that had he said "Sure I played Cigar Games with that Monica Lewinsky, Hey wouldn't you" he would have avoided the embarrassment, and the country the humiliation.

But for the sake of the country it is essential to bring back checks and balances, and remove this Republican Congress from the equation during the remainder of the Bush Administration. I am not advocating left wing policies, just to curb the devastating excesses of President Bush and his Robber Barons until their legal term expires. Look upon it as installing a safety valve before the boiler explodes. The existing one isn't working and needs replacing.

Of course there are those in Washington who believe that a Terrorist attack should be staged to invoke war provisions and make the Bush Rule permanent. For the War on Terror will never be won as the players are constantly changing. But the Bush Crime Family know that, and can count on the support of the voters when Karl Rove stages some Barnum and Bailey show in October, prior to the election.

We should start recognizing these people at the Oscars, and give an Oscar for best political actor, best director, best special effects in support of a terrorist scare, and best writer of threats to the Homeland.

But if that suggestion becomes reality then Haliburton will take over running the Oscars in a secret no bid contract and imagine what a corrupt mess that will become. No let's all focus on giving the American Boy George his day in Court.

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