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Posturing Old Men

Washington, DC. Jan 17th, 2006 ---- The charade of the Supreme Court hearings were summed up by one commentator as "Old Men Primping and Posturing in front of the Cameras."

After careful analysis I have to agree. The Democratic Party looks like the French Cabinet on their surrender to Adolf Hitler. Old men long past their "Sell By" date. The Republicans too could benefit from a massive facelift. Get rid of the absolute corruption that infests that party, and clean out the dead wood that is so out of touch with reality that they should all collectively be know as the Vichy Congress. Weak, appeasing and fearful of confrontation.

What has happened to the Democrats, and where amongst the multi millionaires and apologies for action are the Orators of old, standing up for workers rights. Clinton is so determined to be "All things to all people" that she has become "Nothing to Nobody". OK I know it should be nothing to anybody but it's about Hilary. Nancy Pelosi is so worried about aspiring to be the first female Speaker of the House that she doesn't even want to upset the Attendant in the Parking Lot lest he speak disparagingly of her.

I used to think Joe Biden would stand out and maybe lead the pack into the next election. But he seems to want a regular spot on Comedy Channel for his stand up comedy routine. Many in DC still sore with George Bush stealing the 2000 election from Al Gore believe he will become the "Comeback Kid" and sweep to victory. Not with the Clinton's running the Party Machine!

Al Gore did sound off this week, and if we could get the "Saturday Night Live" sketches out of our minds then he would sound more believable. He needs to put his past into that "Locked Box", a l-o-c-k-e-d b-o-x when his handlers and family decide what he is, where he came from, and what he stands for. He fits perfectly into the Vichy mould after capitulating to Bush in record time in 2000.

At the Democratic Convention Barack Obama was hailed as the future Presidential Hopeful who would probably become the first Black President, such a brilliant, eloquent speaker and political mind. When New Orleans thrust the need for a Black voice into the limelight, and when hundreds of thousands of poor Blacks were dumped by Bush, the opportunity for Obama evaporated. He should have been the new Martin Luther King, but seems the whole Black slate are bought and paid for, and keep quite lest they offend the White House. He is Democrat by the way, but that doesn't matter these days.

Much as the world despised Ted Kennedy at least he does stand up for something. The trouble is he needs graceful retirement in today's media driven world. You can't help thinking of Chappaquiddick.

The rest of the panel interviewing Samuel Alito to be elevated to the Supreme Court looked about as dynamic as the Committee to Decide the Christmas Decorations at the Autumn Leaves Retirement Home. Considering the mess the country is in around the world, and the rate of uncontrolled spending and military adventurism the Bush Administration is piling onto the American taxpayer, you would think a more aggressive posture would be adopted by the Democrats. Probably don't want to get too excited and have to run to the bathroom every few minutes.

Then there are the positively useless dreamers such as Charles Schumer, and Lindsey Graham, who have threatened legislation that would impose tariffs of 27.5 percent on Chinese exports unless Beijing dramatically raises the value of its currency. Together with Max Baucus they seek to punish China unless it ends the trade imbalance and revalues it's currency. Wake up dreamers! Get out of your chauffeured limo and visitWal Mart, K Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City and any of a hundred more stores. Your mismanagement of our home based industries has sent them to China and India. Are you all listening...America can't function without Chinese production. You have let the Capitalists close down American factories and sent the jobs and production to China, Mexico and elsewhere around the world. But wait there is more! How do you propose to pay them the $1 trillion in bonds we owe them. Maybe they will be smart and suggest we pay our outstanding debts before they comply with your wishful thinking. They have reserves of cash second only to Japan, and shortly they will have the No. 1 position. And when they iron out all the design issues with their $9,000 cars, then they will finally kill General Motors and the other Auto manufacturers who pollute Washington, DC with their thousands of Lobbyists. That may seem a little disjointed but anyone who understands the cancer destroying the US economy understands the relationship between DC Lobbyists and Congress.

So with the very fabric of America slowly deteriorating, and the self described advisories getting stronger by the day, we watched a platform of Posturing Old Men deeply worried in one of many groups Alito may, or may not have belonged to years ago, when much of the country was still segregated in many areas, and what Alito may have said in a document about Abortion, which is absolutely of no real concern to the future of the United States. Forget Abortion look around the world at the bloody mess created in the name of Congress. Abortions won't fuel US industry when the Oil supplies end if the Middle East explodes!

There must be a leader out there........

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