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Chinese Take Away

Washington, DC. Dec 13th, 2005 ---- There is a whole new definition of "Chinese Take Away" in the area of Corporate Intelligence, and for that matter in Military Intelligence. It is that the Chinese are Taking Away every snippet of information, data and intelligence they can ferret out of US companies and government databases.

The war being fought by China, and even India isn't about terrorism. There are no guns or bombs. Whilst the whole industrial complex is geared to fighting wars created to make them rich, and the whole military machine is on a wartime footing, nobody is looking after the civilian population not directly involved in the manufacture and development of weapons of war. Whenever we see President Bush give a key speech he is surrounded by a backdrop of uniformed military bodies. The same with Vice President "Torture 'Em" Cheney, who never served a day in the military, and slipped out of doing his military service not once, but five times. Everything is about their failed excursion into Iraq. At the same time political discussion is more interested in a relative few Abortions than preserving jobs, building factories, or maintaining the crumbling infrastructure of the United States.

But don't worry our computer companies are wide awake, running like crazy to help China siphon off details of all the rest of the assets we haven't squandered on military adventures. They are building up the Chinese ability to hack, crack or suck up every byte of OSINT that is allowed to flow through their censored gateways, built by US companies to make the Bamboo Curtain a one way street. Lenin was right when he predicted that the tools for the downfall of Capitalism will be provided by the Capitalists themselves.

The world can learn from China. Having visited all areas of the huge country I have nothing but praise for their abilities. But we don't learn, content to strut around like Peacocks telling the world we are a Superpower. Yes the US today is a military superpower, and declining manufacturing superpower. Let's be accurate the US is still a huge financial and economic engine, but the graph is going the wrong way, and it shouldn't be.

Critics of my position point to the economic boom across the USA, and focus on Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta and the new boom towns. They correctly claim the dynamic growth is patchy across China. My suggestions is they take a car ride down through North Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama and explain why the people there are not living in huge 100% mortgaged mansions.

No it's not about the successful in the US, the lawyers, doctors, accountants and investment advisers. It's about the growing working class who are going backwards into poverty, millions more every year. Within a few years the US will resemble France before the Revolution.

It has taken over a hundred and fifty years to build up the intellectual capital in the United States and much longer in Western Europe. The leaky databases and badly constructed IT infrastructures of US companies are allowing that intellectual capital to be siphoned off. What is more worrying is that both negligent and compliant US executives are aiding this heist.

The Pentagon and intelligence services are more interested in tracking citizens and visitors who disagree with Bush/Cheney than they do tracking spies and crackers. In fact the wholesale rape of US industry by the Israeli's caught by exposure of the 120 fake Israeli "Art Students" monitoring key installations was met with.....they flew them all home. Now the Chinese are following the lead of the Israeli's, probably with a blueprint sold them by Israeli espionage companies, and the US is doing nothing.

But with the US military effectively in complete charge of US civilian intelligence there are no resources to be spared for defending against economic espionage. Corporations are only important when they are part of the military/industrial complex. You can find out if corporations are fronts for the military when it comes to their activities, just see if a Secret or Top Secret clearance is required to work there.

But the thirst for information is for more than military production secrets. They are for staple manufacturing secrets for electronics, chemicals, plastics and even leisure industries. Anything that can be manufactured in China, or India is fair game. And sadly, as Lenin predicted, the Capitalist Executives are helping the Chinese Communists build their tools to destroy the US Capitalists. Keep your corporate secrets safe. Walls, cellphones and bartenders have ears!

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