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Frightened of Leadership

Washington, DC. Dec 7th, 2005 ---- Listening to some of the leading Democrats on the Hill today it seems like they are frightened of leadership, and whilst hoping they will win a landslide victory next November are frightened that they say something that upsets someone, sometime, somewhere.

The Spin Doctors jumped upon the flip flops of John Kerry, but at least he had an opinion. It seems like many Democrats on the Hill want to check with the lobbyists to make sure they are for, or against the right issues, and then check with their pollsters to determine by how much. Some even seem to want to check with the White House before taking a stand on issues less they upset the President.

What has happened to convictions, and I don't mean the kind facing many Republicans.

"Well I am against the war in Iraq, but not against the troops fighting it, nor the people who supported it, nor the President who is leading the military initiative, but which is failing miserably."

OK Mr Politician is that a yes, or a no!

The Republicans are falling apart by the hour, but instead of launching a "Contract with America", a "New Deal" or even a "Vision Thing", they refuse to lead with ideas, in case the Republicans copy their plan. Well maybe the country would be thankful, and vote them into power next November, even if the Republicans ran with their ideas. Maybe the voters won't be that stupid that they forget who put forward the plan, especially if the Democrats keep reminding them.

Then there is the "Playing Politics" comeback from Republicans when they have been caught lying, and can't think of anything else. Of course you are "Playing Politics", that is why you ran for election and came to Washington, DC to sit in the Congress. It wasn't to study butterflies!

So when you are accused of playing politics, come straight back and remind the audience WHY you are playing politics. Don't get all defensive and come out with long winded explanations few care about, or understand.

I do like the Parliamentary process of government, where one side is in power and the other goes after them as the "Official Opposition". They are there to act as checks and balances and make sure the party in power acts in the best interests of the country. If the Democrats had abided by that model we would have thought more and longer about invading Iraq. But the Dems acted as if they were part of the party in power and gave them a blank check, instead of being an "Official Opposition" party and making the party in power prove their case.

Now the Republicans are being shown to be running rampant over the Ethics and Corruption rules, and with many of their leading lights under investigation, or under indictment the Democrats should be beating the crap out of them. Never give a sucker an even break! But no the refrain from attacking the likes of disgraced Roach Exterminator DeLay in case some Democrat is shown to have slurped from the bribing trough. Well if there is kick the bastard out of the party and insist the Dems won't tolerate any corruption. OK, exempt Chicago from that initiative.

But no, like a flock of frightened sheep they huddle around each other and give threatening glances towards the White House, and the many gargantuan fundraiser's for DeLay by the Lobbyists. Nobody sees political capital in this?

The debate between the Dems on the Hill and the White House over pre-invasion intelligence sounds like a scene from an English pantomime. You didn't, Oh Yes we did, Oh no you didn't, Oh yes you did! Well how's this for an idea. Quantify the amount of Intel given to the President, Quantify the amount given to Congress, and if after you have measured the two, you have clear and positive metrics to blast the White House and CIA for withholding intelligence. Of course if they are both the same, then you all can go after Rumsfeld and Cheney for misleading the President and Congress. But then it would mean taking a stand, and demanding answers.

The Democratic Party, led by Hilary Clinton has adopted a "Victim" stance which is OK for battered wives and cheating spouses, but does not work well for Super Power politics. The voters want someone to "Kick Ass" and stop running the country into the ground. But wait! How can our beloved Commander in Chief be running the country into the ground when the economy is booming, and he has given the rich huge tax cuts! Quite simple he borrowed $1,000,000,000,000 off the Chinese to pay for his folly, and at some point they will want that debt, increasing daily, to be repaid. If not they will send a few hundred million armed Kung-Fu fighters over here to repossess their bridges, highways, buildings and power plants.

What an ideal platform to attack the fiscal responsibility of the Republicans, especially outside the courthouses trying their corruption cases. But no, not a whisper, in case someone is offended and does not vote for Hilary in 2008. Well Dems, Hilary hasn't a Snowballs chance in Hell of winning the Presidential election, so start Whopping Ass now and start looking after the people of America, especially the workers from New Orleans, the tens of thousands laid off by big corporations, the millions who will find their pensions evaporating in the years ahead, and the tens of millions without health cover. I know you are mostly multi millionaires, but your kind are adequately serviced by the Republican Party.

But that would mean standing up and leading, instead of apologizing and complaining.

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