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Corruption in Washington Politics

Washington, DC. Nov 28th, 2005 ---- Tonight there are many here in DC who are amazed that Randy "Duke" Cunningham resigned and will probably face prison time for accepting bribes in return for using his influence and position to obtain his benefactors government contracts.

In a town where secret contracts to Haliburton have been masked in the mantle of fighting terrorism by those who stand to make tens if not hundreds of millions after they leave office it seems strange that Cunningham would do the honorable thing and resign.

But Washington is at panic stations. For many more could be going down in the ever expanding corruption investigations. The biblical proportions of corruption could rival the Garden of Eden in the history books as the fruits of corruption are being offered to the often religion quoting politicians. It is true to say that many are running scared now that the house valuation scam has been made public. For few would have looked at the purchase price, valuations and sale prices of homes, and vacation homes owned by politicians and their staffs.

The whole extent of corruption in the web of K Street and the "perks" accepted by Members of Congress, their staffers and by the Administration. It seems there is not an area of Washington, or Florida that is not tainted by this corruption. I mention Florida for that State has replaced Louisiana as the hot bed of political graft and corruption, the ideal base of operations. I will not mention the Bus links, as there are many others uncovering those avenues, with more time than I to go through public records in the Sunshine State.

You know when there is fire under the smoke in DC when they start screaming "Playing Politics" to their accusers and at carefully scripted News Conferences. Politics in DC. Now that's a novel concept.

But you have to hand it to the Republicans for they have taken blatant corruption to new heights of financial gain. The Abramoff/DeLay scandal is only just getting started, and many more high level politicians and their assistants will be moving out of town, often in a bus with bars on the windows.

The Haliburton/Cheney scandals will erupt in a few months time, his tentacles are too powerful to mess with at the present time. Many other Homeland Security and Pentagon scams will also become public knowledge as one after another whistleblower gives investigators and journalists copies of incriminating evidence. The disgust of former members of the Intelligence Community is becoming legendary, and of obvious concern to their political masters.

There has always been corruption under the surface in Washington, as there is in every capital city. What is so bad these days is the extent, and level of kick backs and bribes. When executives are excused from taking the Oath before investigative committees, and subsequently proved to have been lying in their testimonies, then there is something stinking and rotten on the Hill. Not least with the Committee Chairman who let them get away with it. How can the electorate vote these people back again in November 2006?

Quite simple, the power brokers know how to confuse the voters with slick TV Ads. Fabricated lies, but nobody takes them to task, and mainstream media is benefiting from these ads with windfall media buys, so they aren't going to spill the beans.

Whilst I don't condone Mr. Cunningham for what he did, I must congratulate this decorated Veteran on doing the honorable thing, accepting what he did was wrong, then resigning. What a great pity the draft dodging rest of them can't find the guts to follow his example.

Again the American public loses and the corrupt politicians win...For now at least!


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