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Bombing Al Jazeera TV

Washington, DC. Nov 26th, 2005 ---- During the 1980's President Reagan during a microphone sound level check said "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." It took months to smooth over that accidental, if not somewhat stupid mistake, even when the parties knew it was in jest.

The absolutely unbelievable suggestion leaked recently that President Bush made to Prime Minister Tony Blair that Al Jazeera Studios in Qatar should be leveled by US bombs isn't the same as the slip made by President Reagan. It was deliberate, calculated, vindictive, and gives an insight ito the troubled mind of the President. What should be of more concern to the media is that as it comes after a long string of attacks and deaths of journalists in Iraq it confirms the policy of the White House and Pentagon to target journalists. Those who criticized the Bush Junta suffered more than most.

Remember that in response to "possible" small arms fire from a hotel occupied mainly by western journalists the Army pumped a couple of tank rounds into the offending news bureau, with pin point accuracy. Other journalists have clearly been targeted and killed.

But this leaked memo and the comedian antics in London to silence any disclosures of the memo, or it's contents, or the legal circus concerning the Official Secrets Act are beyond belief in a modern western democracy. In earlier times the Prime Minister would have resigned, as the honorable thing to do. But neither Blair nor Bush are honorable so let's leave that option alone.

The possibility is that Bush, whilst Rat Assed from his favorite potent beverage jokingly told Blair that he would like to blow Al Jazeera to Kingdom Come and began choking on another Pretzel for effect. But no, it appears this was a serious, and heated discussion, and Blair had to talk him out of making it policy. Heaven knows what would have happened if the military had carried out the attack, especially as Qatar is pivotal in the Middle East for the United States. The whole command and control structure would have been sent packing, a move which would have delighted Iran.

What justification could there possibly be in destroying the news outlet of your key ally in the region, and killing his best journalists. Just because they acted like news media and true journalists instead of the tame "Embedded Stenographers" from the Washington DC media. Because they showed the uncensored photographs showing bodies both of US soldiers, and Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Instead they should have shown repeated staged events, specially made for TV showing Bush declaring victory as did CNN and Fox. That logic is the hallmark of a psychopathic dictator.

But what about the despicable efforts of the out of touch bureaucrats in London trying to silence the media, and prosecuting every clerk in sight for handling the memo. There needs to be a massive overhaul of the judicial system in the UK, starting with the Libel legislation, and ending with the Official Secrets Act. No wonder the papers are full of page after page covering the dysfunctional Royals instead of real world news. Nobody dare report the truth for fear of prosecution, or litigation for slander and libel.

This whole episode has been one more embarrassing pantomime with a collection of slapstick clowns making fools of themselves. Unfortunately tens of thousands have died, and hundreds of thousands injured.

Please tell me there is no more revelations of stupidity.

Sorry, I know this is just the tip of the Iceberg. I should have looked at my notes from the many briefings and "Off the Record" discussions before I made that statement. Oh, to be back in the days of President Reagan and listen to the sweet throbbing of the shredding machines, when the President of the United States was the Good Guy.

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