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US Interrogation Flights

Washington, DC. Nov 24th, 2005 ---- Whoever sanctioned the many flights by US registered aircraft from the sweltering heat of the Middle East to the frozen runways of Finland, Iceland, Greenland carrying prisoners to be "chilled" prior to questioning should be fired, dragged into court, and spend the rest of their life behind bars.

Of all the Bird brained, arrogant, and stupid right wing schemes that will cause a world wide uproar against the USA this one takes first prize.

There once was a doctrine of Plausible Deniability, at a time when the intelligence apparatus of the US had intelligence beyond a retarded Caveman. But whichever high level politician authorized these hundreds of blatantly illegal, and easily proven flights is beyond stupid. We have to presume that Bush and "Torture Em" Cheney knew, or encouraged them.

What is even more a political embarrassment is that the Germans are complaining about using their airports for transporting political prisoners to American Concentration Camps with Jewish Interrogators. It's the Holocaust in reverse!

What the hell is going on here and what were the US Intelligence Agencies and their Contractors thinking!

Europe in particular is a little sensitive of filling rail trucks, even aircraft, with shackled political prisoners and sending them off to internment camps, without any rights, lawyers or charges. The chatter is that the prisoners were left in the aircraft freezing overnight. Hypothermic and believing they would die. Warm them up and there are no physical marks. This may be all BS but the fact is the flights took place. The US will try and cover them up, and state that the prisoners were treated well, but the world will not believe it. Why fly from the Middle East and Turkey to Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. To give them a skiing vacation in the snow?

That Jack Booted Bush Bimbo Karen Hughes is wasting taxpayer dollars flying around on the pretext of improving the image of the US overseas. She should come home and go back to Texas. The eventual fallout from a moving torture-fest is going to eclipse anything she can accomplish.

The recorded sightings of the flights by the CIA front company aircraft are growing by the hour. Now Ministers of governments that allowed the flights to land and chill their cargo are admitting they knew of the flights, but thought they were cargo, or Embassy personnel. They know they could be facing War Crimes trials themselves if these allegations are proved correct. Many friendly governments could be faced with the alternatives of becoming anti-America or face political suicide with their disgusted electorates.

Even if you announce that you have developed a doctrine of using extra-legal zones where the aircraft are beyond the laws of the USA and the country used to refuel, the world will rightly believe that the country that liberated tens of thousands of Nazi prisoners emaciated and dying in political Concentration Camps has completely lost it's soul and compassion under Bush and Cheney. It does not do the US any good to be in this position.

Of course Rumsfeld and Cheney will lie, as they always do, and attack the thousands of journalists now reporting the story. They will accuse the many politicians now admitting the flights took place as being soft on the War on Terror, and giving support to Terrorists.

The question is "How much more will the world take before it unifies and turns on the USA, as it did against the Third Reich?" Before getting annoyed remember both George Bush and Adolf Hilter were voted into power. Eventually the world turned against the German people, not just their corrupt and evil leader. The weak compliant US Media will cover up the allegations, to allow the White House time to create a denial strategy, as it has for Guantanamo, WMD and Iraqi Oil. This time I wish they would hammer those responsible before the weight of hatred against this fine country becomes a devastating Tsunami.

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