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Let's Cover Up Torture, Please!

Washington, DC. Nov 19th, 2005 ---- Well the piece on Too Many Sick Spies yesterday has caused a flood of both abuse and pleas to cover up what goes on in the name of America around the world. The travel and tourism marketers are particularly upset for it is difficult to portray Disney World, and Dollywood to international visitors when the media carries pictures of widespread abuse and torture. "I know we are beating your brother, without trial or lawyer in a secret concentration camp, but why don't you visit the Magic Kingdom for your family vacation this year!"

Notice when it starts to affect daily business then the torture is recognized as "Widespread" but when Vice President Dick "Torture' Cheney spews out his lies, the same audience blasts the media for exaggerating"Isolated incidents". You may notice that I do not include George W in this. I am becoming more and more convinced that he is kept in the dark about most things, and isolated from reality by his handlers.

No today abuse and torture are not isolated, nor it is not regular US Army policy, and yes the knock on effect to US trade will be significant. Thousands will lose their jobs and their quality of life from the perversions of the current White House. Aromatic Cigars in the Oval Office made visitors and buyers shake their heads at President Bill Clinton, the antics of this group will make them vomit.

But these multi-millionaires don't care about US marketers. They don't give a hoot about the hundreds of thousands employed in New Orleans, Branson, MO, Las Vegas or Orlando, where image means everything. They are making so much money out of the Iraq War that they will not possibly know how to spend it all in their lifetimes. They would sooner watch videos of perversion in Iraqi prisons in Dupont Circle.

That is not conducive with an image of quality of life, freedom of expression, and a stable democracy worth visiting, or of buying their goods. The latter of course is becoming less importance as the same politicians have allowed, even encouraged US factories to close, and their production moved over to Communist China.

Many Liberals criticize President Reagan, but during the years working under contract with his Administration I found he had only the interests of the country at heart. Those serving him, now in power, could not say the same and history has shown they acted in their own, and their ideological interests at the detriment of the United States.

How bad is this many ask? Well a journalist friend of mine was warned by the law enforcement authorities that if he tried to collect videotape available on the Black Market showing abuse of prisoners, shot by US private interrogators that he would be arrested for possession of Child Pornography. That the videos being circulated were illegal in most States and in most countries. Coming back through US Customs from London with any of them would result in deportation and imprisonment.

The staff of Dick "Torture" Cheney has reportedly seen them over and over again, and I understand copies are available for viewing at private groups around Washington. The sources of these were given as "Official" and "Pentagon" when another journalist tried to follow the story, before being warned off by "Men with Badges".

The world is becoming more competitive every day, and goods which were only produced in advanced countries are now being produced at many locations around the world. The only real revenue generating US industries are entertainment and tourism. Both depend on image and creating an environment to desire to purchase. East Germany had some beautiful tourism sites, but few would consider visiting when the oppressive Communist regime was in power. Now they are flocking there, and across the old Soviet Bloc. My point..... The sites are the same, just the political climate has changed. So please don't try and rationalize that the leisure industry will not be impacted by the US political image of hate and abuse.

As I said yesterday the torture and humiliation pressure cooker is about to explode. It's one thing to cover up an isolated incident of a couple of inexperienced unsupervised guards who didn't know better, but when it becomes widespread, and filmed to boot, then there is a problem. There is chatter that some of the secret prisons were created just to produce highly lucrative pornography. This in a military setting seems too far fetched to believe, but consider many of the interrogators, guards and "military police" are private contractors, without supervision, then maybe this needs to be investigated.

What is certain is that as the CIA becomes effective in developing joint counter terrorism resources around the world the whole Intelligence Community will be plunged into a filthy bestiality and pornography scandal created by corrupt politicians, their perverted staff, and some really sick puppies being paid huge amounts of taxpayers money to humiliate prisoners around the world.

One consolation is that if and when this whole mess becomes public a lot of European political and intelligence leaders will be doing time in Euro jails. For Europe does not turn a blind eye to creating political torture and abuse camps in Poland, Romania or the locations Cheney is trying to stop being made public. Keeping a group of religious political prisoners in cages, be they Jew or Muslim, quickly can, and has, developed into unspeakable atrocities.

There are times these days when after meeting with senior politicians, staffers and lobbyists here in Washington you feel like you need to go home and take a shower. It didn't used to be that way.

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