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Too Many Sick Spies

Washington, DC. Nov 18th, 2005 ---- Well not so much Spies, as Private Intelligence Agents. America will lose the war in Iraq, just as it lost the war in Vietnam. It will not be a military defeat, as in both cases the US military did a great job. It will be a defeat because of corruption, politics and rogue intelligence agents.

When future generations watch reruns of the movie Air America covering corruption in Vietnam, and the history of Afghanistan and Iraq they will wonder if the Mafia were running the war. No such luck. They are only local amateurs compared with the criminal cartels calling the shots in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is all starting to come out. In the hey day of Mafia the leaks could be "plugged" with a single shot. Today the Internet has opened up the flood gates of information.

If the military were left to run operations than both Vietnam and Iraq would have gone smoothly. In Iraq the military would have put their officers and NCO's in command positions in Saddam's police and Army, and the country would be back to stability within a very short time. After WWII the Nazi legions had their insignia removed, were kicked in the ass a few times, and became loyal servants of the Allied occupiers. Same with Japan. But no, Vice President "Torture" Cheney a five times decorated draft dodger knew better. He fired all the military and with that money hired as many of his cronies, and right wing nutters as private security consultants and private intelligence advisers to rebuild and exploit Iraq. To confuse the compliant media, and the voters back home he gave them uniforms that make them look like real soldiers. They looted, they tortured and they ensured the scams went ahead without interference.

Those of us who followed military and civilian intelligence operations, and have for what seems like an eternity, were ridiculed for criticizing the flawed statements of professional cowards and draft dodgers in the White House.

But in Washington we have a rainbow of intelligence agencies, companies, consultancies and black organizations that can give you reports to suit every scenario, and shade of opinion from Sunni Insurgents to Little Green Men from Planet Ku. They now employ more people than are in most countries military. They are growing exponentially and because VP "Torture" Cheney gives them a Carte Blanche to torture, degrade, humiliate and even murder, the private armies of the US have attracted some of the sickest perverted puppies ever to roam the streets after dark. They do not have to go through the same selection process to weed out sick perverts as do real intelligence agents working for governments.

It didn't take long for the real powerful perverts in Washington, who learned about filming mass rape and torture for their private viewing in Kosovo came to realize that Iraq was a great movie sound stage to film and photograph their perversions. There is no way the highly trained regular army would go along with their sick schemes, but they had an even better source. The contract interrogators, and contract intelligence agents.

Watching pyramids of naked Muslims masturbating to music was as I understand the highlight of a number of party's around DC. I wouldn't know any more facts, you would have to call the White House! The same with young boys squealing like pigs. I will let you imagine the graphic details.

What has this to do with intelligence you may ask. Absolutely nothing! It totally undermines the respect, authority and efficiency of both the global intelligence community, and the Art of War. This is using a conflict for sick perversion, then going to Church to cleanse the soul. Rome was like this just before the end. There is no useable and accurate intelligence generated. The string of false alarms is proof the system failed.

There is an interesting lesson to be learned from history. All the armies that engaged in such disgusting activities lost their wars, and suffered humiliation themselves. It wasn't the brave legions of honorable soldiers who caused their defeat, they fought their battles well. It was the sick perverted politicians, who recruited sick perverted souls to pander to their fantasies.

The pressure cooker on this subject is just about to explode. And yes, you voted for these people and cheered for them when they churned out their lies. You put them in power. Accept the blame!

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