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Cut and Run?

Washington, DC. Nov 17th, 2005 ---- There are those Democrats who want to see the US out of Iraq by some time next year.

Well Tough! They should have thought about that before voting to allow a President with no international or diplomatic skills, and no thought out plan or strategy to embark on an unconstitutional and un American invasion of a sovereign state that hadn't a snowball in hell's chance of threatening the United States. It's too late now!

The time to decide that the costs were too high should have been before the first bombs started falling, and before the invasion began. As Colin Powell said "If you break it, it's yours" and the politicians have truly broken it, and the voters liked the mess so much that the voted them back for another four years.

Everyone knew what Cheney was ever since his days with President Ford. Everybody knew what Bush was, but didn't want to believe it.

There is no way the US can leave the mess until it is either fixed, or the winning side in the Civil War kicks the military out of the region. That includes the bases in the miniscule offshore kingdoms that the US would love to maintain for generations. If the troops pull out of Iraq the US might as well kiss the Middle East goodbye, and it's Oil as well until the region finds stability under Ayatollah Whoever.

And if the US bids farewell to Iraq to save it's ass then Poor Little Israel will find that it really is Poor Little Israel. For rest assured these politicians will sacrifice the Jews to save the Boys from Home having to die. We are talking about Vietnamization of Iraq, but it's only a small step to decide that the US has given Israel billions of dollars worth of military hardware, and enough Nuclear weapons to start World War III, so their conscience is clear in leaving them to fend for themselves under the Vietnamization of Israel plan. To continue the Oil flow from an out of control Middle East rest assured Israel would be toast. Same with Taiwan when the conflict with China materializes.

The blind architects of the war such as Rumsfeld either lied or stupidly believed that the cost of the war would be covered by Oil and Tourism. Tourism??? Who would want to look at bombed out ruins in a war zone, where anyone not armed to the teeth and in a heavily armed convoy will be kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Even when the world shunned the US invasion plan he continued to say the the US would only have to pay 20% of the cost, that the rest of the world would cover the other 80%. Where were the Congressional Democrats then to blow holes in his story.

The billions promised in rebuilding have been siphoned off by private security companies, and private intelligence companies with a vested interest in continuing the conflict. Sorry politicians, the contract was to invade, overthrow, rebuild and leave when it is a democracy. So the business plan was badly thought out, a total disgrace and you lied to the investors. Sorry folks you have to sell off assets and have your wages garnished to meet your commitments. If that means all your young men and women have to put on a uniform and go to Iraq, well that's war. Been there done that. It can get nasty at times.

So let's stop whining about pulling out the troops. Let's start supporting them, and I don't just mean with meaningless bumper stickers. Tell them that the folks back home will sacrifice whatever it takes to make their sacrifice meaningful, and finish the mission.

Congress should pass a law to seize all the hundreds of millions made by Dick "Torture" Cheney from Haliburton, and set up a fund to compensate the dead and injured soldiers. They should sell off the Bush 2000 acres or so in Walker, Texas and build a recuperation center for badly disabled vets on the best beach in Hawaii.

That would be a productive use of Congressional time. In the meantime "Nothing will be spared to support the volunteers fighting occupying Iraq for and on behalf of the American Voters" and that includes raising new taxes, bringing in the draft, Impeaching Bush, imprisoning Cheney and sending a few thousand Defense Contractor lobbyists and lawyers out to Baghdad to check out suspicious packages, and vehicles.

The next enemy the US fights will certainly fight back, will justify cruel torture of prisoners as the Cheney Doctrine and the US will need the trained and experienced military officers and NCO's from the current conflict to be alive and able to lead. Cut and Run isn't an option.

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