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"Vietnamization" of Iraq

Washington, DC. Nov 15th, 2005 ---- It has been bubbling under the surface for many months but this week it is being brought into the open. The politicians have screwed up the war, and like the beginning of the end in Vietnam they want to give the locals "Control of the War".

At the same time there is the realization that somebody should have had the guts to question the validity of the information from a group of sleazebags who for their own agendas misled the American public, is creeping through the corridors of power. The damage has been done, and the rewards reaped for the few.

Yes, the ruined lives of the brave have brought untold riches to the architects of the war. That wealth is in the bank so there is no further need of sacrifice, especially as there is an election looming. Just as in Vietnam the same Old Men of Congress will come forward with a brilliant idea. Hand over responsibility to the locals!

Unfortunately Iraq isn't Vietnam, which had rice and nothing much else. Iraq has Oil, and a border with Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There is talk about the US providing security from the newly built bases for the Oil fields. Let the country become a Theocracy, with no income, and the US will continue pulling out the Oil, and pay the Clerics 10 cents on the Dollar, after expenses and management fee of course. There are those rabid right wingers who find nothing wrong with this plan. Just as the Vietnamese were having a war against peasant farmers, it's undisciplined "Insurgents" who are the problem in Iraq. The locals will be able to defend our interests if we give them enough guns.

With George W Bush looking as if his legacy will be the first US President to be known for widespread Torture and Abuse of Detainees, the political Rats are seeing their re-election chances clouded by his flawed actions. In Washington you have no friends, only temporary allies and many, many enemies.

Despite what a lot of Liberals may think there is absolutely no chance of this Congress Impeaching Bush and imprisoning Cheney. If a Democratic landslide occurs next November, then all bets are off and we may see the whole Washington political scene turn very nasty. Chances are the rabid right spin machine will make it an Unpatriotic Sin to question the War, and try and link questioning the lies and fabricated intelligence to giving support to the enemy, and sending mixed signals to the troops. Of course there are those who want to believe it, and will believe it! Rush Limbaugh has got rich by these faithful followers.

When US troops leave Iraq they should do it with flags flying, bands playing, and the last to leave getting a farewell salute from Iraqi honor guards. No grabbing hold of fleeing Marine helicopters from the Embassy roof, with thousands left behind. Any military planner knows that as fewer and fewer US and UK troops are on the ground the more chance they have of death and injury. Remember it was the minority Sunni who grabbed power by force of arms with Saddam. If we continue to hear of atrocities against Sunni prisoners, then the next armed coup could be Sunni again.

It won't be White House Lawyers writing academic memos defending torture that will suffer, but the 19 year old volunteers from Middle America who cover the final weeks of the retreat. I bet there will not be many compliant "Embedded Journalists" in the rear guard.

There cannot be a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. If the volunteer Army is overstretched next year than bring in the Draft. The whole United States decided to invade Iraq, not just the volunteers of the National Guard and regular army. The whole nation needs to make the sacrifice and finish the job with honor and dignity.

Vietnamization was an admission of defeat by the gutless politicians. Had the military been left to fight the Vietnam war, without the interference of an absolutely useless Ambassador, corrupt and gutless politicians, and a profiteering military industrial complex, tens of thousands of fine young men would still be alive today, or would have been able to live a normal life free of nightmares and memories.

Kissinger somehow evaded a War Crimes tribunal, but let us not believe his pet doctrines are ever to be used again in modern times. Give the military every guard, every checkpoint soldier, and every military policeman it wants, and needs by the draft. Don't have them running for the border, their tails between their legs to avoid car bombs, snipers and hostile mobs following "Vietnamization of Iraq".

If we do the winners will be the rich politicians, military hardware giants, and the losers those brave men and women who stepped forward to volunteer.

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