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Window Dressing

Washington, DC. Nov 14th, 2005 ---- When a President is in deep trouble, bankrupt of ideas and Visions he usually defaults to the age old remedy, International Travel. Same with Secretaries of State etc.

Instead of facing reality George is off on another hugely expensive trip to show to the cameras he is a great world leader. Unfortunately the world only laughs even more as he stumbles and bumbles through his press conferences. More and more international journalists question whether he is on drugs or is an alcoholic. Not so for the US Media. They dare not miss a step as they follow lining up for a chance to be "Embedded" and have a adrenaline rush in Iraq.

It looks good on a reporters resume to have been part of a Presidential choreographed visit to exotic places. They are so hectic and controlled that it is money for old rope, reporting what you are told, from exotic locations, networking and meeting contacts for your next job.

The average American hasn't a clue about international trade and so George can make a right mess of things, and nobody will be any the wiser. His recent visit to South America was a classic example of a Waste of Time. His negotiating skills are around Junior High School level, preferring to make threats, and demand other follow his lead. You are either with us or against us! As most leaders he embarrass will still be in power years after he has been relegated to a bad memory in the history books. The Disaster President, or George the Torturer.

But when he can find time to come back to Washington he can enjoy brief moments planning speeches before carefully staged sets of Veterans stacked up behind the podium, with the uniforms matched to the aircraft, tanks and other props, all positioned for effects. Hitler and Himmler were the masters of this image making ploy.

What was good for the film cameras of the 1930's and 1940's works just as well for the digital TV cameras of today. It works even better if you get a ship and have carefully selected sailors and Marines draped all over the superstructure. Fine young sailors hanging on to satellite antenna brings a mix of technology and youth into whatever lies the Spin Doctors have given him to read.

What is really sad is that the American public are the losers when politicians are allowed to play Window Dressing games and not mention a single important issue. We have just seen months of vitriolic mud slinging in the several Governors elections. Never was any plan put forward, never was any facts and figures given for discussion. Just posturing and name calling, and Window Dressing. Soft Focus lenses are bad enough with Martha Stewart, but when they are used on politicians strolling with their kids, or talking nonsense to young schoolchildren then the whole process becomes meaningless.

There must be someone out there who wants to be President and will work for the good of the United States and Humanity. Who does not want to destroy every noble act built up through leading the world in sympathetic benevolence for decades. Who can find the road to victory without torture, inhumane prison camps hidden from the US public, the US Courts and Congressional oversight. And who put the needs of the nation before their rich friends.

Maybe, but as long as we swallow the window dressing we can believe that Santa Claus actually lives in Macy's, that the QVC Reindeer nodding their heads are real, and that by singing praises to a Supreme Being every Sunday makes it alright to torture Muslims, and deprive them of the rights we demand from our politicians.

If politicians didn't think we would swallow the Window Dressing they wouldn't do it!

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