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At Long Last !

Washington, DC. Nov 2nd, 2005 ---- Hooray! At long last the Democrats have finally got off their fat asses and started to do what the electorate pay them to do. Challenge the Bush Road Roller.

You would have thought that the Democrats were a subset of the Republican party tasked with maintaining a quorum, and nothing else. They have meekly rolled over at every controversial decision handed down to them for a vote by the Bush Extremists. They have allowed the Rampant Rabid Right wing of the Republican Party to control the country's agenda without even so much as a whimper.

Hopefully the Rule 21 attack is the first of many, for without an active political opposition we have a Dictatorship. I know Bush has often said that is what he would like, but anyone who listens to his ramblings should know by now to take them with a grain of salt.

The Right Wing Republicans have enjoyed a Carte Blanche to do what they like, and spend, spend, spend. If you can't buy it, bomb it! They are now squealing like Pigs caught running through the farmers vegetable garden, and using such derogatory phrases as "Playing Politics".

Excuse me please..... Politics in Washington, DC. What a novel concept!

That is what a democracy is all about. Not blindly agreeing with every concocted story to invade sovereign countries, without any concern for the lives of your military. Anyone with a modicum of sense would have known that the US Military would have beaten the crap out of Saddam Hussein. So why the sudden rush, without a plan, exit strategy or even valid reason.

History will show what an absolute disaster George W Bush was as President. But the second time he was elected, reasonably fairly. The Congress was also elected to be the Checks and Balances of the power of the Administration. The people tasked them with the job os asking difficult questions, and raising hell if they didn't get the right answers.

Just as George W Bush has failed the American people (except the rabid illiterate rednecks) Congress has also failed them by not doing their part in oversight of American Foreign Policy, especially the Invasion of Iraq. The quietly stood by an watched the manipulation of intelligence, as occurred in an earlier age with the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, under President Johnson. Then, as now tens of thousands of American Military died or were seriously injured on Texas lies.

So Democrats and Republicans alike, tell the American public the truth. Start asking difficult and embarrassing questions, as you should have done BEFORE invading Iraq. Play Politics!

It's about time the American public started being Winners, and not constant Losers in Washington politics.

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