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Lies, More Lies, Even More Lies!

Washington, DC. Oct. 28th, 2005 ---- Over a year ago I suggested that Vice President Cheney's fingerprints were all over the Valerie Plame affair, and that Bush wasn't smart enough, or vindictive enough to concoct the attack on Ambassador Wilson. The rabid right wing rednecks sent their usual emails containing an unconnected string of abuse, for daring to attack the Deputy Fuehrer. The usual string compared me to various body functions, and body parts and demanded to see my proof.

Well today the proof has been made public. The chain of events started with Vice President Cheney and was faithfully carried out by his NeoCon hatchet man "Scooter" Libby.

Why not point the finger directly at Karl Rove? Well Rove has so many World Class lies to his credit, such as both Bush campaigns, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan that he has his hands full already. He specializes in big sweeping lies, not petty vindictive attacks on individual critics.

At least 2000 Americans have died, tens of thousands injured, millions have had their lives destroyed in Iraq, and the company of the Vice President has made Billions of dollars through secret uncompetitive contracts. Ambassador Wilson criticized the NeoCon lies that justified this abuse and had to be silenced and punished.

The American public are finally realizing that they have been scammed in the biggest way. The problem is that it's too late. Instead of watching Monday Night Football and Everybody Loves Raymond they should have been watching, and questioning their representatives in Washington as they plunged them into debt, war and left bills to be paid by their children and grandchildren.

This is a representative democracy and when the truth starts to unfold about the lies and misrepresentation of this entire Bush/Cheney team, then don't get upset. They were voted in the second time. The public voted in a Conservative Republican House and Senate to rubber stamp their lies and give them Carte Blanche control over the country and economy. Nobody complained when it was revealed Cheney was being paid by Haliburton, many times more than his government salary, and still held huge amounts of Haliburton stock.

Now we will see the start of the lies and fabrications to take the focus off the administration's criminal activities, and on to carefully choreographed matters of State, such as the announcement of another candidate for the Supreme Court.

And where are the Democrats?

AWOL as usual. By now if they had even a simple plan of action they would be hammering the Republicans, and the White House. I expect Madame Polisi is having her eyebrows plucked and is too busy with Retail Therapy to waste time on politics. Then there is Hilary Clinton, who dare not even attack a Crane Fly in case it affected her election chances.

The decline and fall of the mighty Roman Empire!


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