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9/11 - Frightened of the Truth

Washington, DC. Oct 14th, 2005 ---- I was reminded of a wasted excercise discussing, nay arguing that the intelligence community had screwed up before 9/11. Today someone pointed out a Google reference to a posting on the IntelForum.org archives which contained a number of exchanges including one by a Mr. W.D.Davis and of course the vitriolic Hayden Peake on my statements that the US intelligence community were warned about an upcoming attack, which of course we now know they were. For those who don't know IntelForum.org is the chatroom for senile and retired CIA and NSA deadbeats, still determined to cover up their failures. There are some good people on there but most quickly leave after being browbeaten by the retired Old Guard.

Mr W.D.Davies wrote:

I believe what I am writing here *must* be said. Not for one-upsmanship's
sake. But for the sake of those who Mr. Simpson's allegations and claims
truly hurt, given they have the potential to become quite well known via
the IF Archives and other means.

Mr. Simpson's original message - the excerpt now challenged and as
re-printed again above - was damning. To many of those who lost loved ones
in the terror attacks on our nation, Mr. Simpson's words suggested a number
of things. Not the least of which, was that our US Intelligence Community
failed to gain extremely important intelligence which might have, had it
been acted upon, prevented this tragedy all-together.

.............., and I quote from Mr.Simpson's message of 21 September 2001:

>"much of the information missing from the US Intelligence
>Agencies, was given to AFI Research, and Comlinks, several weeks,
>even months ago. In desperation the Middle East sources notified
>AFI that 200 Bin Laden operatives were in Canada, and the USA.

Mr. Simpson's words - his damning allegations - hardly soothed any of the
sorrow-filled and hurting feelings of those suffering quite personally from
this holocaust. To them, Mr. Simpson was stating out-right that he knew
the United States had failed them. That their loved ones died and just
maybe it could have been prevented had those alleged 200 Bin Laden
operatives been caught before the terror attacks began.
In fact, Howard
Lutnick at Cantor Fitzgerald - a tenant in the World Trade Towers which
lost some 700+ of his and its employees to this horrible event - would
absolutely LOVE to know what Mr. Simpson and his colleagues knew, when they
knew it and last, why our US government (at ANY level right down to the
locals in law enforcement in New York City) didn't know what THEY knew.

My opinion is this : the excerpt from Mr. Simpson's post of 21 September
2001 is little more than an egregious fabrication. At best, it was a boast
like others we have read here on Intelligence Forum. And it is time
someone challenged him for writing it and leaving all so many to hurt and

I'm sure Mr. Simpson believed he could get away with what he wrote. I
believe he, like thousands of others before 11 September 2001, believed
agents of Osama Bin Laden had managed their way into the US. But proof of
just who and just when, and just where? No

Well the sources of much of that information flowing into us via the UK and the Middle East we suspect came from the Israeli observations of the terrorists in training, and much came from our own intelligence operatives tipping off their collegues around the world because the Old Farts in the FBI and CIA refused to listen to their warnings. It was not until many months later that the documentation was presented to back up the warnings which came into the UK, and European sources, as well as from several respected insiders here in DC. What we had were multiple desperate pleas to be heard, and the later official documentation, and memos proved beyond a doubt the intelligence community management dropped the ball. My statements were absolutely correct!

Well AFI Research ceased publishing, death threats and a pipe bomb in the mail finally made up Richard Bennett's mind, despite being spot on again and again.

Today the likes of Wayne Madsen are uncovering more and more of the truth, still getting death threats, but driven by a desire that the true story will one day be told. Personally I got so fed up of the senile ramblings of retired CIA librarians and NSA misfits that I realized that whole side of the intelligence community needed disbanding and the "Experts" found work as greeters at WalMart.

How many more times can we say "Intelligence Failure" in the Halls of Congress, and get the dribble from the discredited retirees, now posing as academics and intelligence experts. The United States, and all those brave military volunteers who died in Iraq because of those lies and "oversights" , not forgetting the Firemen, Police and Medics who went into the Twin Towers on 9/11 knowing the dangers involved, but not knowing the terrorists had been let slip through by official incompetence.

When the Bush/Cheney Administration is but a memory maybe the truth will be told. Until then we stand to repeat our fatal mistakes.

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