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United Nations - Missed Opportunities

Washington, DC. Sept. 21st, 2005 --- The meeting of all the world's political leaders at the United Nations is a unique opportunity to show true diplomacy and create new initiatives for world peace.

Going into the session I believed that there could not be a worse diplomat to speak before the UN than George W. Bush, the definitive bad diplomat, well maybe after a string of South American and African Dictators.

Well George did embarrass everyone with his request to Schoolmarm Rice for a "Potty Break" and his body gestures in front of the world's assembled leaders with bowel problems. Well at least he didn't Barf all over a Head of State like his father.

But leaving that aside the title of Amateur Idiot must surely go to the President of Iran, Mohammed Khatani who has less qualifications to lead than even the disgraced FEMA Director.

Prior to coming to the podium Iran enjoyed the upper hand in the eyes of the world diplomatic community as regards their right to operate a nuclear reactor, first proposed to them by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in 1976.

He had to do nothing more than agree with his countrymen, and use the script Cheney and Rumsfeld gave Iran as justification.

But seeking the accolade worthy of a Monty Python character he destroyed every argument in Iran's favor, and turned the occasion into a badly drafted religious lesson.

The outcome is likely that Cheney and Rumsfeld will get the contract after all, but it will be for Haliburton to build it in an occupied Iran.

There are no winners here, just losers. And the losers are worldwide.

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