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Britain's Fuel Crisis

Washington, DC. Sep 12th, 2005 ---- It's amazing the mess that Prime Minister Tony Blair has got himself into with Britain's fuel supplies, both short term and long term. Equally amazing are the pronouncements from the idiot Chancellor Gordon Brown, who blames the fuel price on OPEC.

No sirs, it's your mismanagement of the British energy needs and supplies. You were once self sufficient in Oil and Gas, with plenty of revenue to build a secure energy policy for years, even centuries. But no, like a Grand Imperial Empire you listened to George Bush and squandered the coffers on an Oil grab in Iraq when you should have been building alternative supply chains. You were suckered into believing there would be cheap oil to cover up your inability to plan ahead.

Wrong fool, it's all coming to the USA!

The poor motorists in Britain have yet again to hand over more and more to support the delusions of Grandeur of the politicians in London. The most highly taxed petrol in this hemisphere, Brit's pay around $8 in tax for $10 of petrol, which gets them enough to run a lawn mower for a couple of weeks. But not to worry the troops are showing the flag in Iraq. The American flag that is.

But the ruling elite could be excused for not seeing Hurricane Katrina screaming up the Gulf of Mexico, for the reason for the high prices in the UK is speculation on US supply after Katrina. It has nothing to do with quantities of crude available in Europe, just about price gouging by UK oil companies.

But wait, there is more! The same Prime Minister has let the nuclear power industry slide, and has forgotten that Natural Gas is a finite fuel coming from long developed fields in the North Sea. Instead of constructing new supply terminals to feed the UK grid Blair has sunk all the money into facilities in Iraq. Haliburton and Dick Cheney say "Thank You!".

Seriously Britain is in a real mess when it comes to the future planning for satisfying the energy needs of both industry and residential consumers. It is as if the planners in Whitehall thought the bonanza would go on for ever. Spend whatever you want on Royal Weddings and Jubilee Celebrations to keep the masses happy, and their minds off the looming crisis.

What is sad is that the product is so over taxed, and the government spending so out of control, that there is nowhere for the consumer to go but out onto the streets. Again! We will se a repeat of the strikes in desperation we saw in 2000. This time instead of getting the troops to drive tankers, to break the strikes, solve the underlying infrastructure and supply chain problems.

Or won't Bush, Cheney and Big Oil let you?

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