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New Orleans - Paralyzing Washington

Washington, DC. Aug. 31st, 2005 ---- Hugging his stupid Dog George W.Bush not content with watching the continuous news feeds on the unfolding disaster in New Orleans makes a ceremonial Fly By in his huge luxury 747.

The cost of that Fly By had it been spent on bottles of water and a charter helicopter to drop them at the Convention Center, or onto one of the many bridges with huddled thirsty and starving poor people would have given them life for a few more days.

Senator Trent Lott who you may remember was elected from the devastated region we know as Mississippi is usually banging on newsroom doors to promote his latest piece of Pork for his friends, especially new Aircraft Carrier contracts, was absent without leave when it comes to demanding action for his constituents. In all the politicians were nowhere to be seen. After all many had lost one or more of their summer homes on the Gulf Beaches, and were concerned at the state of their designer Condos in New Orleans.

The US military did have their hands strapped by legislation and did begin the movement of supplies towards the South in anticipation, albeit on their own initiative. But if these military assets can drop a 500lb Bunker Busting Bomb down a small airshaft, why couldn't they airlift packs of water and MRE's to aid stations around the City. Why weren't designated supply dropping zones earmarked for exactly this. Today New Orleans and Flood, next month Los Angeles and Earthquake. Both have huge armed street gang populations that will loot, destroy and disrupt rescue efforts. Another lack of attention under Bush and Clinton. Thank the NRA for allowing heavily armed gangs to get their weapons.

An intelligenge contact in the area said a few moments ago that the death toll could be between 5000 and 15000 if bodies are discovered at the present rate. The temperature was 93 degrees, and many of the bloated bodies they are finding have been dead for 3 days or longer. Many were sick before they died.

Rumsfeld/Cheney's Shock and Awe can deliver many tons of bombs onto the infrastructure, offices and houses of Iraq, but can't get motivated to airlift a hundred crying babies out of hospitals without electricity, water or sewage disposal without written requests from everyone and their uncle. Never mind forming a bloody committee of smart assed lawyers and advisers, just do it!

There should have been C5's and C130's ferrying supplies into the Airport as soon as the wind died down, with many critical loads already in place as the hurricane bore down on the city. This has been a Federal management disaster of spectacular proportions. Pensacola and other military bases should have been cleared of combat aircraft and the hangars prepared to receive incoming casualties and sick refugees. Never mind waiting for old sports arenas 350 miles away to be offered. You are asking us to believe that there are no facilities closer. Of course not, the Bush supporters do not want to lose revenue from sports events to house the tens of thousands of poor people.

The answer is that the Iraq War has been so badly planned that the US military medical support structure has been totally swamped with injured, with no spare capacity for US citizens. The budgets of domestic relief agencies have been stripped to cover up the fiasco in Afghanistan and Iraq and now when they are needed they have to wait for authorization.

The White House has realized it has dropped the ball and begin to spin its way out of this mess. The military and federal facilities will be sent down, with great media fanfare. They should have been passing Katrina on their way down, not days after it was a distant memory.

Once again President George W. Bush has failed to show leadership, until prompted by his media and political advisers. For 9/11 it was a pet Goat, lies over WMD in Iraq, and now he pets his stupid dog as he reluctantly cut short his vacation, days after disaster became catastrophe.

Don't worry Boy Blunder the American people will rally around and help the starving poor Blacks, even though they can't afford your $1000 a plate fund raisers. Congress came back for political payback to vote for Terry Schiavo and the Cockroach Catcher Leader of the House Tom Delay was leading the activity front and center. Where are they now as thousands are dying. Congress has failed the people AGAIN!

We are witnessing a break down of Federal Leadership of catastrophic proportions, but there is more. What would be the response if the US had been attacked, even by the Seychelle Islands, and more than two cities had been bombed. This is a much bigger failure than just Federal response to a Hurricane. It shows gross negligence in planning and Homeland Security. But then again we should have been warned with how they planned Iraq.



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