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New Orleans - A Failure of Leadership

Washington, DC. Aug. 30th, 2005 ---- The disaster that is unfolding in new Orleans and along the Gulf Coast is an unmitigated failure of leadership, and indictment of this Administration, and of the States involved.

In many ways it is developing into a rerun of the Invasion of Iraq, except Hurricane Katrina provided the Shock and Awe and not Rumsfeld. Incidentally while people were drowning in their homes the leader of the country's military was arguing who should have the authority to shoot down small airplanes flying too close to the Bunker on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hundreds of millions, probably Billions have been spent on contracts to provide studies for disaster management after a terrorist attack, especially with a nuclear or chemical device. Boy Blunder Bush has gone on and on about his plans should a major city be attacked in this horrible way. Now New Orleans has been attacked, but not by a terrorist weapon, or Chinese missile, not even by a Soviet missile, but by a predictable natural event that was tracked for several days, and for many hours was aiming straight at New Orleans. The incoming missiles, or terror weapons won't be so generous in their warnings.

But for the past 60 years we have had supposedly Civil Defense plans for nuclear attacks. Where were they here?

Bush and his terror experts have spent Billions on developing plans for terror attacks on major cities. Where were they here?

Millions have been diverted from levee constructions, some say to Haliburton on the orders of Cheney. Where is he now?

Are we seeing a blatant racist side of the Bush doctrine that poor Blacks in the southern projects are just expendable, and not worth saving? After all they can't host thousand dollar a plate fundraiser's, nor contribute to political PAC's. It is interesting that when the 9/11 disaster struck the white and Jewish financial district of New York there were massive infusion of men with Bullhorns moving people to safety. In the poor areas of New Orleans, and along the Gulf Coast they can't afford to buy an airline ticket to safety. They have no car. They were given no assistance to flee the city. In New Orleans we see people dying on the street, convoys of food and water waiting outside the area for instructions, and thousands without water, food or medicine slowly dying, waiting for help and instructions. If the military airlift capability were not across in Iraq, protecting Cheney's Oil fields, then they could lift clusters of water, MRE's and police or armed guards to distribute them into car parks, bridges and the Convention Center.

There is absolutely no excuse for what is happening to the poor Black Homeless Refugees of New Orleans. This isn't Rwanda, Bangladesh, nor is it a Palestine occupied area. These people are US Taxpayers who believed in their country, and swallowed the promises of this Republican President, House and Senate.

We are seeing one of the darkest days of American history. Pity there isn't a Martin Luther King to speak out for the starving masses, left to die in the sweltering stench, as their President rides around his 1500 acres on his Mountain Bike. Where are the Black leaders, to make things happen. Jackson is in a luxury Palace with South American Presidents. Who is speaking for the poor dying in the stench of a devastated City. Where are the multimillionaire Consultants and Lobbyists who took Federal, State and City money to develop disaster plans after 9/11.

The Democrats won't ask, because they are as much to blame.

The starving Blacks won't ask because they have no voice, and their tongues are parched from lack of drinking water. Do they have to wait for Cholera and Typhoid to start, as the floating rotting corpses begin to putrify and spread disease.

Why isn't this scenario already the subject of a disaster plan, for nuclear, biological, chemical or Hurricane, the aftermath would be exactly what we are seeing today.



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