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Bush's Oil Dilemma

Washington, DC. Aug. 27th, 2005 ---- The Bush Administration has a real dilemma when it comes to developing a global strategy in dealing with US Oil supplies.

So far they have adopted the strategy of a insulated military Superpower and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to correct a threat against both supplies and PetroDollars. The doctrine they followed goes back to President Carter. Even President Clinton laid the foundations of military intervention to replace diplomacy in negotiating supplies. This is not a single party issue.

The flaw in this approach is that the United States is not an island in the global trading network. There will be expensive repercussions for 5% of the worlds population.

But dare the politicians do anything else? Few consider the stubborn reluctance, if not downright hostility of the American public to become good neighbors and stop squandering energy. The redneck Bush supporters will never give up their gas guzzling oversized vehicles, as well as curtail their excessive expenditure of energy for personal comforts. The Christian Right may sing gospel songs about loving thy neighbor, but will likewise not downsize their energy usage to put food in their neighbor's mouth. Love him through song in the air conditioned church, with huge car park, but forget thy neighbor can't afford fuel for heating, cooking or fertilizer to grow crops.

The Administration is forced to keep the image of the American Dream of consumer driven, multi vehicle suburbia on track, despite who dies in the process.

(The fact that all the senior people in the Bush Administration will retire with more Oil wealth in their pockets than all the other world political leaders put together, is not being mentioned, you know it already.)

The fabrications that were conceived to cover the invasion of Iraq are being continued, and the Bush Administration hopes that instead of leveling with the American Public, the Charade can be continued till they are out of office. Someone then will have to find a way of telling the Masses that they are living beyond their energy means. That the destruction of railway lines, city centers and old infrastructure to make way for sprawling suburbia with neatly cut grass, was a mistake that future generations will pay dearly. That neatly cut grass with tidy edges and gallons of petroleum based weed and insect killers sprayed everywhere, will become a burden few will be able to afford in 10 - 20 years. Then millions will realize that small towns deserted for air conditioned sprawling sub divisions in Florida and Nevada really were not that bad, before WalMart put the small stores and local growers out of business, and the Auto Tire, and Oil companies bought and closed down the local railroad and tram companies. For thousands of years small self sufficient communities ensured long term survival.

So Bush, insulated on 1500 acres and with millions of Bush Oil money to keep him in luxury, does not understand how the average worker is being drawn closer to bankruptcy by his policies, or should that be lack of policies.

But then again his policies are being driven by voters who demand the Good Life will continue at any cost. The Rabid Religious Right will not let him forget that God gave him nuclear weapons and even these should be used to preserve the Status Quo.

Make the United States less dependent on guzzling 30% of the worlds energy and the lives of volunteer soldiers will not be needed to fuel those huge gas guzzling autos and the air conditioned luxury of suburban living.

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