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How Stupid George!!

Washington, DC. Aug. 14th, 2005 ---- George! Switch on your Brain and say hello to Cindy Sheehan, the protesting mother outside your 1500 acre hideaway daddy got for you. Take a minute from driving your Pickup Truck round and round, or falling off your children's mountain bike, and think!!!

It won't take you away from your cartoons for more than a couple of minutes, but stop your Dictators Motorcade for a second, aim the machine guns at the protestors, and say a few words to her. You can ask her how she is, or read a prepared speech about everyone besides you needs to sacrifice to stop "Weepons of Maass Destruktion" being fired by Saddam against people in Crawford.

Clinton, Reagan, even Carter would have found a few seconds, and a great photo opportunity to play the compassionate leader as soon as the cameras started appearing last week. But no, you are above dealing with the common masses without a backdrop of uniforms, and various military props to emphasize your macho image.

You could really have worn a flight jacket, embroidered with "Commander in Chief" in case the voting public has forgotten. You could easily have got all the Boy Scouts to stand behind you to show how many more sons will be slaughtered to ensure Cheney keeps his Oil.

Even send Rumsfeld to speak to her, if Dickie would let you. Ms. Rice would go if you told her, and she could speak woman to woman, a good image for the TV cameras to capture.

But Cindy Sheehan can't host a $1000 a plate fundraiser for you, so she doesn't matter. She is just a mother whose son has been killed fighting for George's Folly. There are going to be many thousand more Cindy Sheehans weeping for their sons and daughters, waiting for an apology for your lies. Even five minutes explaining what would happen to the House of Cards if Saddam had converted to Euros instead of Dollars. Tell her her son had to be sacrificed to continue the power of the New York Bankers. That is all she is asking for.

But of course if you stopped to tell her, you would have to tell the thousands of others. Riding a mountain bike is far more exciting, and doesn't need so much attention.

Yes, you claimed that during a made for television, scripted photo opportunity you lectured her "on message", but this is a far more personal and more powerful opportunity to show you are a Compassionate Conservative, or is that another lie.

Now you have a growing problem on your hands. The Hillbillies are firing their shot guns in the air, and tensions are rising. George, you have got yourself into a dangerous situation.

All because you were too arrogant and stupid to spend a few seconds commiserating with a grieving mother. Not good!

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