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An Oilwell Too Far!

Washington, DC. August 10th, 2005 ---- The outlook does not look good for the young generation of Americans today. One announcement after another from the Bush Administration brings them closer to the killing fields of Global War, to be fought over the obsession of Cheney to owning and controlling all the world's supply of Oil.

First Afghanistan to control the pipeline, then Iraq to grab their reserves, now Iran and Venezuela, and leaked military plans to occupy Saudi Arabia and secure their oil. These are not conspiracy theories but official statements, and statements from briefings around the world.

But where will Rumsfeld find all these soldiers to invade Iran, and Venezuela? The reports are that 4 star General Kevin Byrnes was fired for questioning the orders of NeoCon Rumsfeld to begin to prepare training for 50,000 new recruits, many speaking only Spanish, have also added fuel to this Crazy Oil scenario around the corridors of power.

Rumsfeld believes that the world will sit quietly by, and with Bolton now in charge of the United Nations we have nothing to fear, especially if you are the age of Rumsfeld and Cheney. Bolton will probably think he can warn China that Wal Mart will go elsewhere if they complain.

China is having domestic problems and needs something to focus the attention of a growing dissatisfied population. Part of the Cheney plan seems to be that he, King Dicky will deny China and India "his" oil, unless they bow down and accept his supremacy. What he fails to understand is that China can easily lose a couple of million young males, even up to ten million or so, to prune it's mushrooming population. A rather callous statement, but true. The prize, Taiwan.

Iran too would like it's young male population to gain respect for Islam and fight off the influences of decadent western imports, of images, goods and ideas. A human wave of religious fanatics sweeping across the Iraqi Oilfields, from both Iraq and Iran in a pincer movement would certainly overwhelm a retreating US military, sent off to fight another Oil War.

Then the Ayatollahs would control both the Iraq and Iranian oilfields.

Take a note from the leaked Pentagon/CIA briefings and Iran could easily screw the west by fermenting unrest in Saudi Arabia. No longer a fabricated excuse but reality. Maybe a nuclear confrontation by the United States would quell the uprisings, but without Oil the US population would realize their folly in voting Cheney/Bush for a second term. Of course the Strategic Oil Reserves would be needed to allow the military to fight a generation long war to reopen the oilfields in the Middle East.

Would the world allow the United States to escalate the war, and suffer a devastating oil crisis. Would Europe allow petroleum starvation to fuel the aspirations of a megalomaniac on a pacemaker?

The gamble appears to been planned as to create a Greater Israel controlling all the Middle East Oil, geographically splitting the Arab nations and sending their current populations into desert shanty owns, behind walls, barbed wire and minefields. Gaza was to be the case study. The Oilfields being under the military control of the United States, as would the oilfields in South America, and the Gas fields in the Caribbean.The US/Israeli nuclear stockpile being the trump card, needed to carry out this hair brained scheme.

Once, on paper it may have a remote chance of working. Today it seems an Oil Well Too Far.

Finally, where are Congress in this? Where are the media? The final check and balance in the system is to vote an overwhelming Democratic House and many more Democrats into the Senate. But why bother, the Democrats are silent as the Republicans. Unless they stand up and be counted they can work out ways for their sons and daughters to evade the Draft, and not go off to fight King Dicky's Oil Wars.

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