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The Iranian Nuclear Program

Washington, DC. 5th, 2005 ---- "The award for two faced storytelling goes to........ Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and The Iranian Nuclear Program"

In 1976 Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, assisted by Henry Kissinger decided Iran needed a nuclear program to plan ahead for declining oil reserves, and oil revenues. The proposed budget was in excess of $6 Billion, and US corporations would throw in Uranium enrichment so the Shah could have his own Nuclear Bomb. What a deal!

Hot from their Hollywood blockbuster flop, "Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction" the production and history rewriting team of NeoCon Productions know that US audiences won't have the slightest idea of their statements in 1976, and the majority of the dumb voters believe Ford is a automobile, and not a President.

But the dastardly Iranians have learned a lesson from the huge Israeli nuclear program and refused access to inspectors and CIA spies. But not to worry the US media have always turned a blind eye to the huge stockpile of offensive nuclear warheads given by the USA to Israel, way beyond their means and requirements.

If these were removed then Iran would have no reason to become a nuclear power, but as long as they threaten the entire region, there is a valid argument to take the advice of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and develop a nuclear program.

But wait! The same team from NeoCon Productions is asking the US public to look to nuclear energy to provide safe reliable electricity and save the oil reserves and supplies for future generations.

Again the team has excelled in their ability to talk through both sides of their mouth, without moving their lips.

One could ask if the rhetoric would be so loud if the Iranians had offered a no-bid secret contract to US Energy companies to build and run the nuclear installations.


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