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China, Jobs, and Abortion

Washington, DC. Apr. 22nd, 2005 ---- The most important thing on Earth according to the US mainstream media is "Should Judge John Roberts be elected will he overturn Roe-v-Wade." The tens of millions of abortions carried out every month in the United States makes this an overwhelming important issue. Just like the hundreds of thousands of flags burned every day. In fact the public mass transit system of major cities is grinding to a halt as women are having abortions by the thousand everywhere you look, masked only with the smake of burning flags.

In between this spectacle we see Islamic bombs ripping apart Iraq, and having their toll in England, and Egypt, and lots of pictures of bloody people running for their lives.

The Chinese on the other hand see TV pictures of the companies they have purchased around the world, of new production lines to replace American workers, and their closed-down plants, and new R&D complexes to develop and build the world's personal computers. They also see the Iraqi Civil War started by the Americans, to stop the Chinese getting the Oil they need to produce consumer goods for the USA.

Back in America the masses can turn off the bloody gore on the TV news channels, and watch CSI, or Law and Order (multiple versions of each, on multiple networks) to see more blood and gore, as well as bodies being splattered and ripped to pieces by bullets and sharp objects.

But the Fundamental Extremists see no issue with Chinese domination of industry, commerce and eventually the American way of life, for the Bible says Abortion is against the will of the Lord. "Their" President and Commander in Chief will plunge the most advanced country in the world back to the Middle Ages, and ensure a true Christian Theocracy rules.

Well Bubba, old son I hate to tell you that we are not alone on this 'ere planet and the majority of the worlds population don't think that way. The Chinese, when the do look at the Bible like the idea of the Hebrew Slaves, and the Christians being there for their benefit. I know it's not politically correct to talk like this, and I will rot in Hell for writing about it, but we should wake up and smell the Rice Wine! Sorry the Bible thumpers don't like wine, let's say fragrant Tea instead. Jesus turned water into fragrant Tea!

I watch multiple news feeds every day from many countries, and it is obvious to even a blind man that the Chinese are on a roll that will put them as the Worlds only Superpower in about 10 to 20 years, at this growing pace. They are starting to buy up everything in sight, that is the things they aren't already making. US jobs are disappearing every day, illegal immigration is out of control, workplaces are closing and moving to China and India, and all we are worried about is Roe-v-Wade.

Doesn't anyone see something wrong in this picture?

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