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Treason or Politics as Usual?

Washington, DC. July 18th, 2005 ---- The arrogant political gymnastics being performed in the White House must surely convince the few who still believe in the Bush Administration that it is, or has become a totally unprincipled group of political extremists who believe that laws don't apply to their actions. Laws are for the "Simple Folks" who don't have a direct line to God.

The original media gossip within the Beltway shortly after the Ambassador Joe Wilson story broke, many moons ago, was that the leak came from the Vice Presidents Office, and that Libby was the culprit. Being part of King Dicky's Royal Court it meant he was above the law, and only subject to the secret ENRON rules. Those are known only to the criminal classes and are both Top Secret and subject to Executive Privilege. The original thought that Rove eagerly embraced this leak, and carefully expanded the crime, but with better plausible deniability management of the words.

Rove is a political genius and as George's Brain is indespensible to the Commander in Chief, and must be protected at all costs, especially in times of War. We won't mention that he helped start those wars. Unfortunately somewhere along the way he crossed over to the Dark Side and forgot he should be a champion of the American people, and not just the Royal Court of King Dicky.

But George has a dilema. He dare not fire Karl Rove, and certainly dare not touch Libby, or the King will come down on him like a ton of bricks.

He will keep denying the reality of a blantant act of espionage in times of war, and with that trademark smirk on his face look the other way. Now the question has become one of Perjury, and "discrepencies" in testimonies.

Wait a minute!! If an assistant to General Dwight D. Eisenhower had told a reporter on June 4th that the invasion of Europe was about to happen, and the beaches of Normady were nice this time of year, he would have been shot at dawn. A bit of a dramatic comparison, but Rove has kept his job for the past few years by being part of the team that started invasions, on false information, and now believes that it's all a game. A word game with no consequences.

This will not be Watergate revisited, because Bush has neither the moral backbone, nor the love of the American people even Nixon demonstrated. He dare not fire Rove, and believes it's all part of the political game, played by rich kids. Mrs Wilson should stay at home and bake cookies, and not look for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Only God, and Karl Rove can tell the President where WMD's are being hidden.

This is a sad, sad day in the history of the United States, and thousands of brave volunteers are dying, and will die as these word games are played in the Royal Court. We will never know how many CIA assets will die, or risk imprisonment as a result of the word game.

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