Karl Rove - Teflon or Traitor?

Washington, DC. Jul 2nd, 2005 ---- It amazes me how good the organization created by Karl Rove and the Bush White House has become at media manipulation and propaganda. You really have to admire their skills!

Washington has known for a long time that Karl Rove maliciously leaked the name of an active CIA Officer, a criminal offense, to Bob Novak et. al. to punish Ambassador Joseph Wilson for criticizing the "Commander in Chief" for lying to the American people.

Technically I can face prison for using the name of the person Rove leaked to the media, and in a week where journalists face prison time for protecting the criminal activities of Rove, and where nobody in mainstream media dare break the White House mandated media blackout, it makes American Freedom seem a sick slogan.

But the bluff to beat them all comes from Rove's attorney. He was not a criminal leaking classified information, which resulted in major disruption to our intelligence operations, and the "War on Terror", but he was merely excercising his First Ammendment Rights. Rove and friends who have trashed the Constitution at every twist and turn now seek to use it for their defense.

Where reporters are hauled off to jail for not revealing sources, whistleblowers and critics of the "Commander in Chief", the criminals enjoy the luxuries of power.

But ask yourself this question. What is the difference between revealing the identities of our Spies to Bob Novak, and revealing the identities of our spies to the Russians. Or to put it another way........ We are supposed to be at War, fighting a global war on terror. Anyone who reveals the identities of a spy to the enemy in wartime is a traitor, and deserves the death penalty.

How much more has been leaked, and to whom?

How come we can't catch Bin Laden? Is he being tipped off by a Mole in the Pentagon or the White House?

All will be revealed when the public stop sticking their heads up their asses and start demanding answers and true versions of the lies and deceit we have been fed for the last decade. That includes Clinton too! In the meantime stick Rove in jail and give him the benefit of a public trial to clear his name.

That was a joke. You should all be laughing!

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