"Commander in Chief" - Brilliant!

Washington, DC. July 1st, 2005 --- Regardless of being Democrat, Republican or Fascist you have to take your hat off to Karl Rove for creating the flawed George Bush in the image of the wartime "Commander in Chief" instead of the "President". America isn't at war, it has just invaded a small country with Oil, which never threatened the USA, or it's people. It's the next level to "Wag the Dog". Brilliant!

The last time that was done with such success was Joe Goebbels and Adolf Hitler, and the masses were just as outraged when anybody pointed out the flaws of the Fuehrer.

The problem is that old Joe designed the charade to last a thousand years, but Karl Rove knows the whole house of cards will collapse in 2008. That takes Balls.

Rove saw that harnassing the patriotism could, and did, allow a wholesale rape of the constitution and economy to benefit a handful of special interests, primarily Oil, ideological and of course Israel. He saw that to challenge, or criticize the "Commander in Chief" would be seen as unpatriotic. Just as it was in Germany in the 1930's. Anyone pointing this out would be ridiculed and reminded of the fact that millions of Jews, Catholics, Russians and Poles died in the Concentration Camps. Well smart ass look at the time line. That did not happen till the Hitler Regime were fully entrenched in absolute power, and that won't happen in the USA. Democrats have as many guns as the rabid religious evangelical right. The huge profits after rebuilding Nazi Germany were squandered in fighting a World War.

The Bush "handlers" want to spend their windfalls, living in luxury and not hiding in bomb shelters.

Now the "Commander in Chief" strategy has one distinct flaw. You have to win the war, and the victory has to be "Shock and Awe" to completely impress the masses. It is great surrounding yourself with cool fighter jets, rows and rows of cheering troops, and using Aircraft Carriers as political backdrops for election campaigning. Bush used the New York police and firefighters after 9/11, then screwed them with budget cuts. He will do the same with the dedicated military. They are window dressing, and could equally have come from Hollywood Central Casting, instead of the serving military units.

It's doubtful if the charade can be kept up after 2008. Then the down side of using "Commander in Chief" as an image creator will ripple through the military, and middle America. The disillusionment with military and political leadership, and feeling of being used.

But look on the bright side. The failed architects of the biggest blunder since Vietnam will be heading the World Bank, or living in luxury with delayed compensation from the industrial-military complex who have made hundreds of billions from the politics of panic and paranoia.

Then along will come China. Will we have the heart, or the ability to resist? I hope that Presidents from now on will look after their country, and not see themselves and their friends.

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