The Draft

Washington, DC. June 13th, 2005 ---- I know I am not the world's greatest mathematician but I can't see how Bush is going to get through the next two years without reintroducing the Military Draft.

The recruiting figures are far from the numbers the Hawks told us would step forward to look for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The number of military who are coming to the media and expressing their hostility to the liars in Washington is at an all time high. They will fight and die for their country, but believe they have been betrayed by their Commander in Chief, for a handful of silver. The worse are the National Guard who believe they were sold a right lie when they signed on for duty.

Saddam Hussein never threatened the United States. He was never a world threat. He never had weapons of mass destruction that could attack New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. He never supported Al Qaeda. But he did have Oil and wanted to charge the US in Euros for that Oil. Shock and Awe!

So the Insurgents or as we used to call them Resistance Fighters continue to harass the military forces, depleted with significant recruiting deficits. How will we protect the valuable oilfields, and stretched military forces?

Well according to experts the one Government department that is nearly at full strength is the reinvigorated Draft Board which seems to have grown to over 300 people in the last couple of years, in preparation for the Draft.

But how do you tell the Mums and Dads that their kids are needed for George's Folly in the Middle East. Simple you invoke an imaginary attack on the USA by Iran and Syria. Syria is too small to attack the USA, but the US public could be sold a story that Iran could supply fissionable material from it's much publicized Nuclear Bomb Program to launch an attack on Washington, or New York.

Then after hiding in numerous "Undisclosed Locations" again the Commander in Chief gives the green light to retaliate against Iran, forgetting of course to ask Congress. The compliant Republican Congress then demand patriotic loyalty and support the Draft to fill the shortage of troops needed to occupy and hold the Oilfields. Like a good Ally Israel starts the ball rolling by bombing the Iranian Nuclear Reactor and killing hundreds of Russian technicians. China and India starved of Oil join with Russia in mourning those poor technicians killed building a peaceful nuclear power station to help grow crops and feed the hungry peasants. The dollar crashes even further and the flow of investment out of the USA becomes a deluge, and many more tens of thousands of American workers are laid off.

Science fiction? This is the reelected President who wanted to talk about Pet Goats rather than face the reality of 9/11 unfolding, invaded a sovereign country on a huge lie, and has fudged every figure and statistic from his Administration.

He kiddies start brushing up your geography. Iraq is on the left, Iran on the right when you get to Basra. Keep you head down for bullets and RPG's will be coming at you from both sides, and they are fanatics! They want to die.

Pity Bush upset the Canadians at every opportunity for despite their cold winters it sure beats Iran and Iraq.

For the record President Bush has declared he will never introduce the Draft and Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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