Attacking Iran

Washington, DC. June 10th, 2005 ---- If one more Washington Insider tells me that Bush has signed off on attacking Iran, probably in July, and Karl Rove is planning some fake attack on Washington in June, I will scream!

It seems the favorite is that Rove needs to create a panic over fissionable material being released and ruining the sunny days on The Mall. Of course the return address on the bits that were found clearly say "Tehran".

That information would have been added to the daily dump into the round file except for the ever compliant CNN is running scare programs on nuclear attacks by terrorists, and NPB is also joining in with programs on Dirty Bombs. CNN which long time ago ceased being a news network and usually acts as if it were embedded in the Bush White House, and is unofficial Pentagon, and Israeli spokesperson, tends to soften up the viewing public for the Hawks. Fox of course screams "Lies" if the Neocons get found out. All Dirty Democratic propaganda!

Well digging deeper it's obvious that Prince Bandar Bush doesn't have the clout with his extended family in Saudi Arabia when it comes to the global Oil Supply. King Dicky ordered the occupation of the Iraq Oilfields, and now has his eye on Iran as well. That would show those Chinese who was boss!

With the popularity of the Administration falling and a disillusioned public starting to see behind the slick TV commercials and lies of the election campaign, many in this Administration believe it would be in the interest of whipping up support by starting another war. Think of the number of secret contracts that need to be awarded to invade Iran, and replace the hardware when they retaliate.

The Democrats being "Missing in Action" will be too busy running around after Howard Dean than opposing anything Rumsfeld and Cheney start half a world away. AIPAC will ensure the politicians will have their palms greased and look the other way if Israel is involved, which I hope for their good citizens seeking peace will not happen.

I would hope the Bush advisers, safe in their "Undisclosed locations" take a few minutes and look at the human wave attacks by the fanatical Iranians on the Iraqi military during their conflict, and consider the lives of the already overstretched British and American volunteer military who separate the Iranians from Iraqi Oil. For without Iran and Iraqi Oil, and probably Saudi and Kuwait as well then the world will be drawn nearer to the begriming of the end. The only people who would cheer would be the Oil Barons and the Christian Fundamentalists who want Armageddon.

Oh damn. Better look in the trash to find my notes. This could be real!

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