Financial Espionage

Washington, DC. June 9th, 2005 ---- Probably the biggest growth industry in America is financial espionage and identity theft. The weak and unreliable software that has become so popular has created a fertile field.

But like most things in America these days the public are being sacrificed to fuel the profits of the few. One after another Big Money announces breaches in their security, with millions left vulnerable. The Great American Con rolls on.

For it's the same big business Banks that control the Credit Reporting mechanism that keeps the compliant public in line, for fear of a negative credit report.

It hasn't dawned on the public that it doesn't matter if they don't pay their utilities, food, clothing or other bills so long as they continue to pay the grossly inflated high interest credit card bills on time. You can own half of Kansas, have no debt and no one will know. Your credit score is a great con job of the Money Lenders.

Now their computer systems are being compromised, or through sheer negligence their data is being lost, or misplaced. But they don't need to worry, the credit reporting scam will ensure that the responsibility for the loss is firmly dumped onto the shoulders of the public. It's up to the victim to prove that they were attacked, and even then they still have to suffer, and pay and beg to get back a correct credit report.

This leads one to believe the conspiracy theories that it's all a big Con job to fleece the American public, and that the sophisticated attacks are the latest in a long series of methods of diverting money to the few.

So where is Congress and the Administration in the protection of the American public from financial espionage and the great Con job. Who do you think receives the benefits of the big contribution checks from the Financial Barons. That's the politicians cut for keeping quiet and looking the other way.

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