Deep Throat

Washington, DC. June 8th, 2005 ---- It's amazing the perverted justification for Watergate, and the fake disgust with the now revealed "Deep Throat" being spread around Washington. The Neocons are out in force trashing everyone who objected to the abuse of Power by Nixon, and his team.

Of course they are, for it sends a message to the legions of potential whistleblowers,"Keep Quiet, or else". Those beginning to see the cracks appearing in the daily orchestrated Bush juggernaut, that has elevated abuse of power to new levels.

It's not the Democrats offices but it is the offices, and homes of journalists being broken into, and interview notes stolen that causes me concern today. One had interview notes connected to 9/11 removed from his files, and his apartment left "To send the appropriate message". Another was mugged, then called to say "Lay off Bush, AIPAC and 9/11". Interestingly the muggers didn't steal anything, and the attack was yards from the White House.

But come on, the orchestrated right wing attacks on Deep Throat as being a traitor, criminal and betraying the public trust. What has happened to this Great Country that the criminals who did jail time for the crime now have radio and TV time to attack and abuse the citizen who put them in prison.

But it's the new face of America. Sadly since Watergate the nation has moved on to murder, political imprisonment, even torture, and concepts of honesty and conscience are dismissed by the new breed of politicians in absolute power. Congress will probably roll over again and extend the Patriot Act, even making it more Draconian.

So let's look back at that halcyon period of innocence when a senior FBI man got pissed off with being passed over for promotion and blew the whistle on the criminals. Of course you could ask what would have happened if he had got the top job, but you could also ask what would have happened if Nixon hadn't lied.

But that would open a whole new psychedelic universe. For to contemplate honesty in today's White House is beyond the mind power of the average citizen.

Better talk about Michael Jackson instead.

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