Paranoia or Panic Politics?

Washington, DC. May 12th, 2005 ---- The evacuation of Congress, The Supreme Court, The White House because a single engined registered light aircraft was near Washington makes us look so stupid that it it defies logic, and is either paranoia or a deliberate policy of panic politics.

The sights of scared politicians and office workers running for cover makes the growing number of young anti-American activists around the world whoop with joy. How the Mighty Satan runs for cover. Brave young American and British soldiers facing bombs, rocket attacks and a hail of bullets every day must wonder why they are risking their lives thousands of miles away from home, when the people who sent them there run like scared Rabbits.

The military knew it was a single engined slow flying aircraft, and a quick telephone call would have established it's occupants and intentions. It was not flying a profile of a terrorist attempting to strike Washington, and hadn't the carrying capacity of explosives any terrorist would consider useful. It was always on radar and never deviated from its original course. If Homeland Security believe terrorists will conveniently fly a straight slow course directly for the White House they are really as stupid as we believe they are.

The exercise and huge CNN and news coverage of the fighters being scrambled, with convenient interviews with the pilot makes one very suspicious of the whole incident. Any one of the fighters could have reduced the intruding aircraft to splinters within seconds, as could any passing police helicopter, or even a couple of Duck Hunters with their shotguns.

Following on the "Radar Blip" incident earlier it appears to many thinking people that this is another publicity stunt to show the frightened American public that Washington is prepared and ready to minimize any terrorist attack from the air. Of course if it was a terrorist attack and they had flown a deception route with a larger faster twin engined aircraft then the White House would be Black again, as it was in 1815. But Bush was out Bike riding, and no self respecting terrorist organization would attack an empty office building.

Al Qaeda doesn't need to mount another suicide attack to score propaganda points around the world. The trigger happy juvenile Secret Service and Homeland Security will do their work in undermining global confidence in the strength of US resolve. Next time have a couple of Senators armed with Stinger Missiles on the Balcony of Congress ready to repel invading slow flying aircraft and show the terrorists, and youth of the world that the US politicians are made of sterner stuff.

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