NSA's Hayden Lied to Congress!

Washington, DC. May 8th, 2005 ---- No matter how you look at it the Senate confirmation hearing on John Bolton has opened a Can of Worms. Of course mainstream media not understanding the Intelligence function or Intel community will continue to focus on Michael Jackson and the Runaway Bride and let it slip.

Under oath John Bolton and others outlined the monitoring of prominent US citizens and the use of that information by Bolton and probably by others. NSA boss Gen. Michael Hayden testified to Congress in 2000 quoting the 1978 law that prohibits spying on Americans, especially for political reasons.

"The law protects resident aliens, too," said Hayden, "no matter who they are or what they are suspected of doing." "If, as we are speaking this afternoon, Osama bin Laden is walking across the peace bridge from Niagra Falls, Ontario, to Niagra Falls, New York, as he gets to the New York side, he is an American person and my agency must respect his rights against unreasonable search and seizure as provided by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution," Hayden testified.

In fact Hayden and his political cronies at NSA appear to have been targeting leaders, politicians and anyone who does not share The New World Order evangelical conservative agenda, if the revelations coming out during the investigation of John Bolton are to be believed.

"There is a rich body of oversight that ensures that we stay within the law," he said in 2000. Hayden also said it is a myth the U.S. government can ask allies to snoop on Americans on its behalf. "By executive order it is illegal for us to ask others to do what we cannot do ourselves, and we don't do it," he said.

And suprise, suprise "the unusual hearing was scheduled by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss, a Florida Republican, who said he was satisfied that the intelligence agencies were fulfilling their role of guarding national security interests without violating the rights of citizens. "I think our safeguards are in place and are working," Goss said.

But there is breaking stories that Hayden and Tenet, together with CGHQ in the UK and other intelligence agencies vigorously targeted journalists, especially Washington based journalists investigating illegal activities and abuses of power. They are alleged to have created "First Fruits" an illegal database to be used to discredit investgative journalists, like Bill Gertz, Wayne Madsen, John Daly and authors like James Bamford who get too close to the truth.

These allegations are still to be investigated fully, but for the past several years I have witnesssed the "Slime" tactics of retired NSA mud slingers against any criticism of NSA, even on such supposedly academic discussion groups as IntelForum.org.

There will be no apology from Hayden for lying under oath to Congress. The multiple illegal uses of NSA to spy on leaders for Bolton (and how many others?) should create a firestorm of media attention. But it will not.

The compliant media will follow Michael Jackson, and the masses will eagerly wait for the last episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. And when a future President starts building Concentration Camps, arresting and imprisoning citizens for their thoughts, and possible future actions, the historians will ask "How could the media and voters let this happen?" just as they did after the millions died in WWII.

All of Hitlers henchmen lied to cover their activities. Most then committed suicide.

In the United States we promote them to a new Super Intelligence function and the head of the Whitewash Committee we make head of the CIA. Ain't life grand!

(Material from CNN used in this article)

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