Blair Sees the Light

Washington, DC. May 6th, 2005 ---- So thankful that the lackluster Conservatives handed him a unprecedented third term in power Tony Blair declares that he will steadfastly work for the British voters. One could ask what the hell has he been doing before, working for the Oil Cartel?

Blair has been totally loyal to Bush and this has cost him dearly.

But Blair has got a bigger problem than loyalty to Bush and the Oil Cartel. He has to decide if Britain is a puppet of American Military Imperialism, as described in the past as the "Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier", or part of an ever expanding Europe. Those close to the politics of power see the cracks appearing in the bush Neo-Con steamroller. They are careful not to demand "You are either with us, or against us" these days, for many now have to think about the answer. Blair must know that the course of the American Crusades have almost run their course, and are slowly grinding to a halt.

Thinking people have noticed that the real cost of Bush's Imperial America is only now beginning to leak out. Anyone looking through their budget figures will positively gasp at what Americans will have to pay in years to come, after the Bush's are back in Crawford, Texas.

British voters are closer to the truth. It's hard to fudge the figures, as it's a small country. Furthermore the Ministers owe their future to the voters, and aren't appointed to please special interests, as in the USA. If they fail to explain the facts to their constituents they are history at the next election. In the USA they move on to regurgitate State secrets to the highest bidder in corporate America, ready to return if a future President appoints them.

But what is interesting is that in political terms Blair has a substantial majority compared to that of George Bush. Yet British commentators speak of him as being elected "by the skin of his teeth" and yet with a hairline majority Bush is declared to have a "Mandate from the People", to drastically overhaul major programs and impose a radical evangelical conservative bias in all his appointments.

Of course the UK media is historically independent and not merely a tool of Big Business and a handful of corporate owners.

What should be worrying the US electorate is the method of paying for the HUGE cost of the Bush Administration. Blair can at least go cap in hand to Europe. The US has gone from surplus to owing everyone and his brother. The Chinese are becoming the Loan Sharks of Choice, as they buy up US IOU's. Bush has quietly exempted his corporate buddies from paying taxes, and allowed them to shift critical infrastructure, and jobs overseas. A future Administration will find difficulties in taxing the mega corporations. What's left is the poor dumb middle and working class voters who put Bush back into the White House for the second term.

Britain get ready for improved services from Blair. America get ready for.........

(Edited in case this is read by schoolchildren.)

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