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Taxes - v - Outsourcing

Washington, DC. May 4th, 2005 ---- The American public will wake up one day in years to come and realize that their jobs have gone, their tax bill is horrendous, their healthcare bill is crippling and the news networks predict that the economy is booming and Wall Street has hit new highs.

All the above will be true. The wealth is being focused in the hands of a few corporations and individuals. The manufacture and servicing of their business will be overseas, outside of the reach of Congress, and their point of taxation will be some remote Island in the Sun. Their protection and shares will be firmly in the United States, where they will reap the benefit of the American Dream. The politicians they own will send troops to take over Banana Plantations, Oilfields and Mineral Deposits to ensure they are hugely profitable and accumulate more wealth than the average American can dream about. Why do you thing the CIA was created?

For the past half century that has worked well. But today with a shrinking US population needing health care and retirement benefits that's a problem. Big Business doesn't care for they are untouchable. Their political stooges made sure of that.

The corporations who stayed in the US see themselves collapsing as healthcare costs mushroom, and their untaxed competitors reap the benefits of screwing the American people. The tax system encourages corruption, and the loopholes and tax exemptions, slipped in by "Accommodating" Members of Congress ensure the tax burden will be firmly on the dumb voters who believe the political television commercials.

All indications are that the creaking system is near breaking point and the Bush Administration needs to ramrod through the many provisions to ensure the rich get richer and the poor work till they drop dead. Then they won't need Social Security and it can be siphoned off to preserve the Status Quo.

It amazes me that no one has picked up that the Bush 50% reduction in deficit will begin AFTER he has left office. In other words he expects his successor to do all the dirty work and raise massive new taxes to pay for the folly of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as awarding secret contract after contract to key supporters, and Cheney employers. Until he departs for Crawford, Texas Bush will continue piling sky high debt, upon sky high debt. But rest assured his friends in Big Business will not be expected to contribute a penny, neither will the millions of overseas workers being paid instead of US workers.

And where are the Democrats. They too have a list of their own. In a failed, broken education system no one dare complain for fear of offending the Teachers Union. The trial lawyers need free run of the legal system to plead for sky high punitive damages, then grab the biggest chunk for themselves. The US legal system stinks!

But don't bother going to Washington, DC to complain to your Congressman. Without an invitation and an escort you won't get in. The Peoples House is way out of bounds for mere citizens. Highly paid corporate lobbyists can get immediate entry for they provide the leaders with private jets, all expenses paid trips to exotic places, with spouses and family, huge hidden "consultative" contacts and a well paid income after retirement. In Washington "Money Talks and Justice Walks!"

But don't worry the taxes will never be outsourced, and they will remain the sole liability of the United States Middle and Working Classes. As the manufacture, R&D, service and office work goes to outsourcing, and as corporate profits are paid tax free into secret foreign tax shelter accounts, it's good to know that Wall Street will still be the wealth engine of the world, and the US Military will be the biggest and most expensive in the world and nobody, but nobody will take away the tax burden of the American public. No sir, no big corporation will dilute your tax bill, no tax loophole will be closed to stop you been squeezed dry. But wait!

There are even bigger and better taxation methods in the pipeline to get more money you don't have into the US Treasury. New Sales Taxes, new taxes for Homeland Security, new taxes for Airport Security that doesn't work, and more taxes we can't even think of at the moment. All indirect and hidden taxes.

And don't think those millionaires in the medical and healthcare industries are going to be allowed to help you with your medical bills and prescriptions. Not likely. They will make you pay health insurance, then bill you directly for excessive profits and medical charges not paid by the Insurance company. That's the American Dream isn't it?

Now half a world away those poor workers are going to new offices and factories to produce products and services for the US market. They don't have huge healthcare charges for they have that disgusting free "Socialized Medicine", poor fools. They get low wages, have vacations, support their families and live to a ripe old age. How fortunate the smart US taxpayer is to be able to pay their share of the debt burden.

But ha ha! They can't get Viagra, Cialis or have cosmetic surgery without waiting in line. Here in the USA you can get a tummy tuck, or a facelift whenever you want. Think of it they are too busy enjoying life to worry about a four hour erection.

We can laugh at the situation, otherwise we would be seriously worried for the future of America. For the politicians won't change anything unless the voting public forces their hand. And that public believes the TV Commercials.

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