Bunker Busting Stupidity!

Washington, DC. May 3rd, 2005 ---- If Congress approves the sale of 100 Bunker Busting Bombs to Israel they deserve to be indicted for the murder of the US troops killed after their use.

Israel has no reason to want these bombs save one. A preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. The Pentagon Hawks know this.

The reality is that these fanatical Hawks, like the military leaders in WWII Japan, see the world in glorious conflict, a constant battle and nation after nation falling under the rain of bombs and bullets.

Without this glorious fight against evil, carrying out God's wishes to rid the world of unbelievers there can be no better way to send the youth off to die. Well guess what, the young military being sent off to wipe up the mess have just as much right to enjoy life in Arlington and suburban Virginia as the Hawks, and the multi millionaire Members of Congress, with multiple homes and mistresses.

It's about time to carefully evaluate the direction US foreign policy is heading before it's too late. I see no problem in maintaining 100 Bunker Busting Bombs in storage to be delivered to Israel in the event of an imminent attack. Store them in Qatar, or another US military depot in the Middle East. Under no circumstances should the US sell (give) these single use offensive weapons to Israel.

But those seeking Armageddon seem to want to push the world to the limits in projection of potential US military power, and that of Israel. The lessons of earlier bloody conflicts have been forgotten.

Iran does not need to retaliate against Israel to cripple America. The targets are just across the Persian Gulf. The undefended tankers are within easy striking distance, and the US Carriers are within easy Sunburst Missile range. The retaliation against US/Israeli Terrorism could spiral into a real mess if the Iranians decide to escalate along non convential warfare lines.

Consider that the world will only see US fighter planes flown by Israeli pilots, dropping US bombs on Iranian and Russian technicians operating a peaceful nuclear power plant. The reliability of statements from Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld on Iranian bomb making factories will be received along with their statements on Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden with biological and chemical weapon factories throughout Iraq.

What worries me is the desire by many usually pro-US foreign diplomats that somebody needs to give Bush a "Really nasty bloody nose", maybe by sending a couple of Aircraft Carriers, and half a dozen super tankers to the bottom of the sea. The Iranian military is no match for the US military in the ensuing conflict should Israel attack the Iranian nuclear facilities. But retaliatory waves of suicide bombers, attacking tankers, personnel, and facilities in the Gulf should be carefully considered before giving offensive weapons to a country hell bent on stopping Iran making enriched Uranium, for military or peaceful use.

Keep the bombs in US arsenals unless there is an imminent threat of invasion.

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