Democrats, Gone Home!

Washington, DC. May 2nd, 2005 ---- Washington DC is a very expensive and can be a stressful place to work. It seems the Democrats in Congress have found the stresses so bad that they have abandoned their efforts to counter the excesses of the far-right Republicans.

Every day the cry of "Where are the Democrats" is heard in the corridors of the Capitol, when whitewash gushes down the corridors and stairwells from Republican dominated hearings and committees. Across the city whistleblowers desperately look around for a friendly Democratic lawmaker, as the DoJ secret police drag them away from their workplace, never again to set foot in government.

Haliburton and Bechtel have stopped worrying about seeing a Democrat peering through their innovative invoices for secret phantom projects. They have a better chance in seeing a large White Rabbit doing the Tango with Bin Laden down the Mall.

To counteract the negative criticism from the likes of Rush Limbaugh the Democrats have launched Air America, broadcast from some remote corner of the USA. The breaking news from DC comes by way of an intern watching CNN and C-Span. Probably the most ineffectual political radio project ever conceived.

You would think that the whole load of Democrats have thrown in the towel, gone politically correct and gone home.

When the people need someone to stand up for them, stop jobs going out of the door, waves of illegal immigrants overwhelming them, and someone asking why their boys are being blown to bits half a world away, to protect the soaring profits of Bush's Oil friends, all they get is fluff.

Where is the fire of old time Democrats? Where are the rebel rousing fighters for workers rights and a better life for all Americans?

Replaced by millionaires, who want to make even more money by being in Congress.

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