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UN Reform, Be Careful!

Washington, DC. Apr. 29th, 2005 ---- The call from the White House is for drastic reform at the United Nations, with King Dicky's club wielding bully boy Bolton calling the shots, and all those foreigners following in lockstep.

That of course is one of the many delusions of George Bush, who believes he is on a mission from God, with a huge mandate from the US electorate. His mission is to bring Christian values and democracy to the unwashed masses of the world.

First problem. Democracy means the majority wins. The UN does not have a Christian, capitalistic, pro-Israel majority, built in the image George Bush sees as the New World Order. So a reformed United Nations needs to be be under the whims of one nation, superior and created in the image of the Arian Fellowship from Texas.

Sorry Bubba, that ain't democratic.

The second problem is that a strong powerful United Nations that "Kicks Butt" in the mould of Bolton, will spend a lot of time kicking Washington's butt for invading sovereign nations, conducting terrorism campaigns in Central and South America, and planning and supporting the overthrow of elected leaders not allowing cheap exploitation of their natural assets by US companies. They would also see no reason why having nuclear inspectors sift through Iran's projects, but not Israel's, is either equitable, fair or in the best interests of World peace.

Then of course if America sells (gives!) 500 offensive Bunker Busting Bombs to Israel, but screams blue murder when 100,000 light AK47's are supplied to Venezuela, for defensive purposes, a powerful world body would consider that needs to be debated. So too if America can totally destabilize the Middle East with sales of very advance attack aircraft, and the Far East with advanced warships to Taiwan, that sale should need sanctioning by a powerful international body. If America can sell what it wants to whoever it wants, shouldn't Europe, Russia and China have the same democratic, privileges. Isn't that freedom.

The world is constantly evolving and unless your name was Adolf Hitler, world leaders should know that countries have but a fleeting moment as a Superpower, when measured against geological time, even against time measured by the fanatical creationalists. During that period a nation must indelibly make it's stamp to gain long lasting respect, and not reprisals.

The UN needs reform, and the best diplomat we can find needs to bring together the majority and together create a more influential organization. Not a screaming, shouting, spying bully boy. It won't be long before the world can destroy the American economic power base. Already China and India are positioning themselves to challenge the US in many areas, probably within a decade. Europe is getting tired of constant ridicule and derision by the Texan spoilt brat. Don't believe me, look at the scenarios yourself.

If we believe in democracy and freedom, we should think twice about the current plan to overhaul the UN as put forward by the crusading ultra Bush Administration. It may come back to bite us in the not too distant future. Reform yes, but be careful. Be very careful.

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