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Enemy of the State

Washington, DC. Apr. 25th, 2005 ---- They say that life often mirrors the scenarios portrayed in fictional films, and the Bolton hearing is certainly adding credence to that theory. Remember Hunt for Red October got Tom Clancy into hot water for revealing some classified technical details on submarines. (Clancy had just guessed and had no source with access to secret information.)

Enemy of the State shows the total corruption of power by illegal use of NSA intercepts to kill a leading politician. The guise for these illegal renegade activities was a "Training mission". It was just a guess at what a renegade corrupt official could do with the NSA if there were no rule of law, and oversight of his activities.

Last week we learned that the obnoxious bully Bolton, the man King Dicky told the President to nominate for Senior Diplomat at the UN had used, on several occasions illegally obtained intercepts of prominent US citizens. The talk in the corridors of power is that these were obtained as a sham "Training mission" and instead of being destroyed, were passed on to Bolton, the source of the request for the "Training Missions". A week long investigation by left-wing intelligence journalist, Wayne Madsen escalated the incidents from accidentally overhearing conversations to a deliberate illegal misuse of intelligence facilities for extremist political activities.

The "Enemy of the State" scenario gets too close to real life for comfort.

A real man in the White House would yank the nomination of John Bolton immediately and confirm his belief in the rule of law, and the protection of the rights of the Citizens who voted him back to office. But no the pig-headed Bush Administration attack the Republican Senators who dared to do their jobs, and labeled them as soft and "Liberal". The extremist right wing media machine was whipped into action to discredit all criticism of the Bolton nomination.

The paid talk show puppets attacked Senator Dodd for bringing up the illegal use of State Eavesdropping resources, and illegal transfer outside of the NSA. Were the FBI immediately informed to begin an investigation. Hell no, leave it up to the attack dogs of the Rove propaganda machine to label the crime, "political".

The Bolton hearings are a low point in the credibility of any American Government and show the unacceptable face of extreme right wing politics, where subordinates either are "With us or against us" and where the rule of law is meaningless when it does not agree with the political dogma of the wing of the party in power.

Beware citizens, for the people who got it so wrong with Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, Chemical Weapons in Cuba, Bin Laden and many more huge intelligence failures are writing dossiers on your life and contacts. Don't think the discredited Bolton didn't use the information he obtained illegally from NSA to finger some poor bastard. Remember the scandal when Hilary Clinton got 100 or so confidential FBI files for bedtime reading?

Bolton appears to have gone one step better, he has built his own intelligence files on people he doesn't like from raw electronic eavesdropping, supplied illegally by the super secret NSA. Heads need to roll. We see now why the Special Prosecutor legislation was abandoned. Either fire his ass, or impeach his employer.


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