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Liberals and Socialists

Washington, DC. Apr. 22nd, 2005 ---- The often used slur by extremist right wing zealots for anything that gives resources to the working population is that these political ideas are either "Socialist" of "Liberal". The idea of universal healthcare for all Americans was decried as a liberal utopia of socialized medicine. That came from the Robber Barons of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

And those who religiously follow Rush Limbaugh and the other paid propaganda merchants swallowed it and raised a stink to stop it. Nobody bothered to mention that most of these vocal opponents had already socialized healthcare paid for by the taxpayer, under the Veterans Administration. Yes the VA is socialist medicine, the Universal healthcare brought the rest of the citizens of this country under the same socialist banner.

Recently I had a spirited debate with a dyed in the wool aging Republican who insisted that Middle Class Americans should support George Bush for he guaranteed their way of life. He went on to explain how healthcare costs were crippling him, his plant had closed and production shifted to Mexico, and gasoline was exorbitant for his F150, caused by those dammed Saudis. Well consider the man in the White House is an Oil man, so are Cheney, Rice and many more, and we only get 7% of our oil from Saudi Arabia, that's a flawed statement for starters. Rumsfeld is from the pharmaceutical industry, and the others from industries who have been allowed to jack up their prices to all time highs. See a pattern?

Wakey Wakey Bubba! They look after their own, and you aren't Middle Class if you drive a pick up truck and wear jeans! The "Middle Class" label was a brilliant marketing ploy to get returning GI's to subscribe to a life in debt and spend every penny they earned. Had to have, had to have......buy on credit, now you are "Middle Class"!

The "Ruling Class" such as the Bush's, Kennedy's and now the Clinton's have more "0's" in their bank balance than the "Middle Class" have maxed out credit cards. With them are the many multi-millionaires who we elect to Congress. They employ the "Middle Class", lawyers, accountants and top executives to ensure they keep their way of life, and Status Quo.

The rest who have to work for a living are "Working Class" and despite what my redneck Republican friend has been led to believe, all working class are not Black or Hispanic.

We run lots of political scenarios at Intel Briefing, with the US, Europe, Middle East, China, India and Japan. Unless the United States starts to consider some "Liberal" and "Socialist" relief for its population it will be facing another Civil War in about 10 - 25 years when the gap between the very rich and the very poor, with no healthcare gets to crisis proportions. The Social Security smokescreen masks what is really going on.

But the very rich ruling classes can count on the paid propaganda merchants of right wing talk radio to whip up the rednecks and snigger at anything "Liberal" or "Socialist". When those rednecks retire and find they can't afford their pills, or treatment, and the same politicians have slashed their benefits to almost zero, for "only socialists expect to get their medications for free" will they understand the great Social Snow Job pulled on the American population in their lifetime. The factories creating wealth will be in China, software and people management will be in India and the Chinese will hold all the debt notes of the United States. The Oil will be earmarked for Chinese factories, and the US will have to cut back and pay for all the resources it uses for an aging, retired population promised all the benefits of the American Dream.

Those Robber Barons have private islands around the world, high security "compounds" and multiple houses. Watch them start moving their wealth creation resources offshore, their residences to Bermuda, and spending more time in Socialist Europe.

Don't listen to me, look around and start asking questions. Before it is too late.

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