Imperial America - King Dicky

Washington, DC. Apr. 21st, 2005 ---- The quiet country sounds of rural Maryland were shattered by the convoy of Secret Service Vehicles, flags flying, usually lights flashing and sirens blaring. Clear the road, get out of the way or be shot!

They did not carry a visiting head of State. They did not carry an Ambassador to meet world leaders and make history.They were driving empty to meet a Helicopter. Not any helicopter but the Presidential Helicopter. They rushed across the Bay Bridge from Washington, DC to St. Michael's, just across the Chesapeake Bay from DC. Here they waited.

The DC based Presidential Helicopter landed, and was met with this fleet of vehicles from DC.

In regal splendor the occupants of the Presidential Helicopter stepped down. Was it a world leader, a King, President, maybe a Middle East Ambassador about to ink a peace accord?

No it was King Dicky and Queen Lynne using public transport to dine out at 208 Talbot Restaurant, Saturday evening in St. Michael's. What!!!!

Donald Rumsfeld is renovating a house here and can often be seen in local Supermarkets, or driving over from his Pentagon. No sirens, motorcade and nobody noticing him. But having lived near the Vice Presidents Massachusetts Avenue house in Washington DC for three years, I am quite used to seeing a huge motorcade take Queen Lynne to the hairdressers. So the excesses of King Dicky and Queen Lynne are nothing new.

But to struggling Republican voters here, some with family members counting the days in Iraq, seeing the coverage in their local gossip rag, The Star Democrat, they wonder if these trips are in the best interests of the US taxpayer. Surely the money he has/is/will receive from Haliburton could pay for private transportation. But of course he has to be in constant communication with the White House to tell Bush what to do, and with whom. Can't be out of contact for too long in case the President thinks for himself.

It's interesting that most of the gross failures in the Bush Administration are by "Cheney's People" and Bolton the disagreeable candidate for chief diplomat at the UN is another of "Cheney's People",

Sniff, Sniff......What a way to run a Railroad! .


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