Trailblazer - Another Rip Off?

Washington, DC. Apr. 20th, 2005 ---- First it was the awarding of billions of dollars of unspecified secret contracts to Haliburton, which were later found to be one overcharging after another, some would say a rip-off.

Then the FBI's computer systems were way over budget, didn't work and had to be scrapped. All details of course secret.

Now we find the NSA is blowing smoke instead of intelligence out of it's computer systems. To quote Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden at the Senate Hearings:

"The cost was greater than anticipated in the tune, I would say, in hundreds of millions,"......"I would say that we underestimated the costs by, I would say, a couple to several hundred million, in terms of the costs."

Trailblazer was a desperate plan to create some semblence of order in the chaos we call the Intelligence Community, or more accurate to cure Information Constipation!

Or as Gen. Hayden puts it: "... Trailblazer was essentially designed to do was to help us deal with masses of information and to turn it into usable thing for American decision makers."

Like finding those Weapons of Mass Destruction God told President Bush were hidden in Iraq.

Sounding like an AFLAC commercial Hayden commented: "We learned within Trailblazer that when we asked industry for something they had or something close to what they already had, they were remarkable in providing us a response, an outcome. When we asked them for something that no one had yet invented, they weren't any better at inventing it than we were doing it ourselves,"

Pipe Dreams? Multi Billion Dollar Pipe Dreams??

So once again a blank check was given to the big contributors of the Bush/Cheney reelection Campaign.

And with even more sounding like the AFLAC commercials "We don't profit by trying to do moon shots, by trying to take the great leap forward," he said. "We can do a lot better with incremental improvement, spiral development. And that's where we are now with the program." No Sir, NASA does Moon Shots. You should be finding Bin Laden, WMD's and try and find the bombs before they are reported on the evening news.

NSA have dedicated brilliant people working at Fort Meade. Let them create the technology and let the Beltway Bandits get on with what they do best, influencing legislation, funding politicians and destroying this Great Country. Remember the words of President Eisenhower.

How much more multi-billion dollar fleecing will it take before Congress wakes up and demands accountability from the Bush Administration, Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community. Oh sorry forgot, that information is classified!

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