Washington Brief


The Panzer Pope

Washington, DC. Apr. 19th, 2005 ---- I'm happy that the replacement Pope has been elected by the Cardinals, but very sad that the successor to Pope John II is an ultra conservative former Hitler Youth who has a foul reputation. In Germany he is know affectionately as the "Panzer Pope".

I was fortunate to have worked inside the Vatican, surveying the grounds for satellite broadcasting. Pope John Paul II was both interested in the technology, and saw the uses and abuses of global satellite TV and Radio. He was a "Great Communicator" and didn't need a script and plot treatment to carry out that role.

He was a true World Leader, and was admired by every shade of politician and diplomat. Above all he was a great healer and moderating force on the world. How true are the statements that he believed President Bush to be the Anti-Christ is beyond our discussion.

The world does not need any more right wing religious dogma, nor does it want any further polarization by religious zealots, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. But saying that the many pedaphiles that have ruined young boys lives, and been promoted in the Church needs to be addressed. This is a far greater crime against the flock than having Priests marry, or allowing women to pray to the Virgin Mary. Strange that the clergy puts wooden and gold women on altars, then treats the real women as second class.

The ultra conservative politicians and their supporters in Washington are hoping to see alliances that will put the world back into the Middle Ages. Maybe with so many non-Christian countries building rockets and Nuclear weapons they will get their wish. Ever noticed that all the popular American TV shows are now about death, destruction, crime, punishment, and the End of the World. What happened to hope, and the joy of being alive.

Hate to force Armageddon onto the world and find God isn't ready, and won't be for another million years.

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