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Chinese Seek Justice

Washington, DC. Apr. 13th, 2005 ---- Over ten years ago I wrote that China was still waiting for closure to the atrocities by Japan during the invasion and rape of Manchuria. The wise academics laughed at the suggestion and advised me to think positive and forget the past. Strange because that academic was Jewish and could not stop talking about the Holocaust.

The atrocities committed by the Japanese have been all but swept under the carpet to conveniently fit into a US image of the new Japan. McArthur failed humanity in his prosecution of War Criminals and above all by missing the opportunity to demand that Hirohito apologize to China and make visible pilgrimage to secure humility. But neither Hirohito nor McArthur were ordinary mortals in their minds, and so the wounds festered.

Today the Japanese seek to sanitize history, taking a leaf out of the Washington playbook in it's dealing with American Indians. Massacre them, drive them to starvation in reservations, then pretend it was all their own fault and make movies for the masses showing John Wayne etc. killing the painted savages for attacking the wagon train. No mention about the fact that the people on the wagon train were stealing their land of course.

The Chinese are not like the depleted Native Americans, for a start there are a billion or so more of them, and instead of making ceremonial artifacts for visitors, the Chinese are rapidly becoming the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. They do have a surplus of a few million "Braves" who would like to revenge their ancestors and humiliate the unrepentant Japanese. American politicians can't or won't see this, instead the prefer to focus on the needs of Israel, and on the alleged activities of Al Qaeda, if of course Al Qaeda actually exists in the form portrayed by the Bush Administration.

The little ants in the Middle East can't bring down the American Superpower in a flash of blinding nuclear light, or even a slow economic suffocation. Israel, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon aren't buying up IOU's from creditors of the USA. Neither are they buying up all the Treasury Bonds, nor driving up the price of everything from Steel to Lumber and Gasoline. They aren't testing new intercontinental ballistic missiles that can already carry one of their nuclear warheads to obliterate major US cities. They aren't working for peanuts to manage the digital heart of US Commerce, Healthcare and industry.

The writing has been on the wall for over twenty years and we choose to ignore it because it's too big for the political mind to comprehend. Karl Rove can't manipulate China, nor India. George didn't even bother learning about China when his Daddy was Ambassador out there.

There are too many signs to ignore.

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