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Goodbye Diplomacy

Washington, DC. Apr. 12th, 2005 ---- Anybody who hasn't seen the hearings to confirm the dictatorial, ultra conservative John Bolton as the Ambassador destined to make a fool of himself and the United States at the United Nations must still believe Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden in his prison cell.

Yes the United Nations needs reform, and needs to be more efficient. It needs the power to punish countries who disregard it's resolutions, such as Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and Israel ...... Hold on there! When it is convenient for Israel and the United States the resolutions are meaningless, and the institution is ridiculed, otherwise they must be obeyed under threat of a US invasion.

And here we have the dilemma. A strong United Nations is the last thing the Bush Administration wants. They want a puppet that rubber stamps all the propaganda fed to the world, and sadly the American people. No independent inspectors who can't find WMD, or Nerve Gas factories. No Nuclear Inspectors who want to see the secret bunkers in Israel. Just puppets who get into line whenever the Commander in Chief has a ideological whim.

John Bolton is the ideal person for this kind of organization. He can rant and rave and demand that the Chinese Ambassador be fired for not agreeing with his view of the world. He can "modify" resolutions to make sure the White House gets the results it wants, and overall he can browbeat those minions who don't have the power God bestowed on his office.

'Fraid the UN isn't like that. One of the first minefields the next UN Ambassador will be dragged into is the desire for Japan to be a full member of the Security Council. The looming conflict with China needs cooling, and Bolton is hardly the man to cool anything. Proven to be hot headed, dictatorial and vindictive, he is possibly the worst choice for the UN.

The conservatives demand reform, yet fail to pay their dues. The long history of failing to pay the UN and international agencies is a blot on the credit report of the US. To reform the UN in the image of Washington will cost the US billions of dollars it does not have. Will payment be linked to a ideological stand on Birth Control, or on what defines a terrorist?

But George Bush doesn't care. He is finished, and with no provision of a Republican President in Training as Vice President he puts ideology above the desire to do what's best for America. The world is becoming ever more a dangerous place and the US Ambassador to the United Nations should be a diplomat with outstanding negotiating and influencing skills.

Bolton has failed these Litmus tests, and although he will probably be voted in along party lines, may do untold damage to our future relations with the rest of the world.

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