Washington Brief


Oh No - Not Wolfowitz!

Washington, DC. Apr. 11th, 2005 ---- The announcement that failed NeoCon Paul Wolfowitz is going to be ramrodded through as President of the World Bank should dispel any thoughts by the rest of the World that the USA hasn't gone completely mad. The worst person for the job.

The architect of a hugely expensive and doubtful war, the fabricator of intelligence, and the target of a bomb attempt are hardly the qualities that a Bank President needs to show on his resume. So hated is Wolfowitz that many US Generals on hearing that the bombers missed their target were alleged to have openly muttered "Pity!"

President Bush does not care what the world thinks, nor what is best for America, but what will further the Evangelical road to Armageddon. Well the appointment of Wolfowitz, and he will be appointed or the world will be punished, will herald a new chapter in the decline and fall of the mighty dollar.

I like to think that a Bank President is fiscally prudent, and will not launch the Bank on ideological adventures that drain resources and plunge the institution into severe financial difficulties. The Wolfowitz plans for the invasion of Iraq have done just that. The pipe dream that the world would rush to bail out the US, as they did in the Gulf War never materialized. No sane person ever thought the world would pay for this war, considering they were scammed handsomely by the former President Bush for the action in Kuwait. Once bitten, twice shy.

The only country to benefit from Wolfowitz's folly is China, who is quietly buying up Americas debt, ready to squeeze the US whenever it deems convenient.


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