Washington Brief


President Carter Snub

Washington, DC. Apr. 8th, 2005 ---- It is a disgrace that President Carter did not attend the funeral of Pope John II, instead the hired help took his place to further her bid for the White House. The lengths the Republican Neocons will go to to keep power is amazing.

It would have been a truly historic and positive image for the United States to send two Republican and two Democrat Presidents on this highly visible occasion. But no let's not miss an opportunity to push Condescending Rice to the forefront and grab the photo opportunity for the election.

True President Carter wasn't the most dynamic leader in the history of the Union, but he has done so much since leaving office that he has earned the respect of the nation. He was elected. The same can't be said of Ms. Rice.

The Republicans are getting a little concerned that there is not a Vice President getting ready to run in 2008. Cheney is totally unelectable and should have stepped down before the last election. Some claim he needs to cling on to power as long as possible to protect the guilty, but that's another story.


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