Washington Brief


"Bloody People!"

Washington, DC. Apr. 6th, 2005 ---- The Prince of Wales learned that open microphones can be a bloody nuisance when he showed his opinion of either the media, or his paymasters, the British public by referring to them as "Bloody People!"

Just to remind Charles Saxe-Coburn-Gotta (aka Windsor) that it is these "Bloody People" who pay for him and his extended dysfunctional family to live in luxury with servants on their free estates. They are free for nowhere did they earn the money to acquire them in the first place.

I like the concept of a Head of State above the fray of politics. It adds stability and reason. The past three Queens have been the ideal stabilizing forces in the 20th Century and have shown true leadership. The same can't be said for the rest of that extended family.

All indications are that Prince William will make a good King and continue to build on the foundation laid for him. Charles needs to quietly retire to Scotland where he can walk around with his kilt, walking stick and Camilla.

The talking heads on CNN make statements that Charles will be King and Camilla will be Queen and nothing the British unwashed masses can do will alter this. Wrong bimbos! The British public have a track record of treating Charles's rather ignominiously and moving on to the next candidate.

Camilla isn't the problem here, it is Charles who has behaved in a manner unfit to be Defender of the Faith and King of England.

How about a totally new concept, have a referendum on the candidates for Monarch. That would keep the history but bring it into the 21st Century.



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